23 May, 2008

Teleflora Memorial Day Flowers

Teleflora is featuring beautiful Memorial Day flowers. Infact, I am obsessed at the beauty of their designs. The best part is the color combination which really seems to serve as a Tribute and Homage to the many soldiers who lost their . White, Blue & Red colors simply seem to pass just the right message and a small US Flag is what adds to the beauty in the Bouquet.

Neatly placed, this bouquet is definitely going to be the center of attraction. I am attaching an image. I really liked it. The content that Teleflora display on their featured product is very decent too – “honor them” is what it says on the Home Page. And Memorial Day flowers have been termed as what else but ‘patriotic flowers’. A great content – attractive and promotional and makes you feel like - immediately buy these Memorial day flowers.

Memorial Day Flowers

I hope you would find this useful as the link to it shall earn you 10% discount on whatever flowers you buy.

On second lines:
I have been thinking to implement something extra on my blog which would mean a little value. Although I cannot ask people to suggest me because there is no traffic to my blog in any case. Except for (Ken) who came once and even commented on my blog (Thanks so much Ken. I shall send you a bouquet for that if you give me your address please ;).

Well, I have thought of displaying 2 news items for you - A Good News & a Bad one (sadly). News are important as they might affect you in one way or the other

Hope you shall find them useful.

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