20 May, 2008

Mothers Day Over - Whats Next?

Now that Mother's day is over, all online florists have started targeting the Generic Occasions. While Memorial Day, which I dont think is really that affluent in terms of business for online florists is not being targeted at all by the florists, Father's day is still far. Would someone send flowers on Father's Day? Well I performed a Keyword search for Father's Day and found that there were only an estimated 23 searches being performed per day across all search engines for "Father's Day Flowers".

Well, what is to be inferred? That we dont love our fathers or what? I tried for "Fathers Day Gifts" and found that there were at least about 300 searches per day across all search engines on this and some related keywords. Thats still significant which means that you actually have a chance to target Father's Day before you start feeling that you have lost some business. My friend, who happens to run an online flower website, actually felt sad when she realised that she has been late in starting her Paid Campaign on Google for mother's day. She lost around US$200. And could capture only a single order worth US$60. Earnings = US$ 6.00.

A while ago I suggested her to prepare herself for the Father's Day as the no of searches are bound to increase once the date nears.

I had a look at what our Big Online Florists are capturing right now. So, as I said earlier they are targeting very generic groups now and all of them (i.e. 1800flowers.com icon, proflowers, ftd, teleflora ) - Birthday Flowers icon, New Baby Flowers iconetc.

1800flowers took an extra step and is offering featured Thank You Flowers icon and I'm Sorry Flowers icontoo (typically searched as 'Thank you flowers' & 'Im sorry flowers' on Google).

But the designs are really exclusive (although repetitive for occasions). And yes I must mention here that it was such a relief to see Teleflora's homepage getting a new look after they got rid of their America's favorite Mom promo. They infact have come up with beautiful Teleflora's Darling Daisy Bouquet on account of the fact that they are actually promoting the spring flowers as the Summer approaches.

FTD.com is keen on promoting the Get Well flowers and is offering you to Save 10% on Flowers and Gifts starting at $19.99 at FTD.com! Thats good news.

On 1800flowers.com most of the designs and arrangements remains same as on mother's day. I found Casablanca Jardinier icon to be somewhat cool which is avaliable the same day!

Proflowers.com did not seem to have any unique options for flowers.
I shall do a post tommorrow on the Father's Day gifts that you can actually send your Father this year.

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