12 May, 2008

Post Mothers Day

Mothers Day is over now and I am sure all you people must have had a fabulous Mother's Day. Of course, except for those, who ordered their flowers and could not receive it timely. This problem is being addressed everywhere and there seems to be a logistics management problem that has seeped in lately into all systems. Whether its the Flowers that you send on Mother's Day. Order it online or call and order for them, its almost the same thing. A delya seems to be inevitable these days. I have been reading on blogs and visited many forums where this problem has made many people angry towards the florists they have ordered their flowers.

Well a consciuos effort is actually required at the Customers end as well as the florist's end to actually address this problem. And I can understand the way one feels when somebody is a victim of false committment.

Apart from this, I did a last post on Gifts because gift certificates are a way which you can send and wish anyone on an occasion. It has a materialistic value, however, does not have much of a personal touch (which is more required at such occasions as was the Mother's Day).

There have been a huge online traffic this year too on Mother's day and due to the paucity of time with me right now, I shall give a detailed anlaysis of the same in my next post. However, to just hint you, FTD.com received around 10 Million visitors on a single day!

C ya in the next post.

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