12 February, 2008

Flowers for every occasion...flowers for every mood

Being on the same page really helps dudes. In a way that while you might be trying to pass on a different message, the interpretor may get something actually the opposite and the chances are fat for this to happen in case of flowers. Now adding a card or gift to your bouquet can really make things easier for you. Here, you can actually communicate the message you want.

Let me tell you about a beautiful floral arrangement known by a funny name: tussie-mussie. Tussie-Mussie is a beautiful arrangement of flowers where one flower (commonly rose) is surrounded by fragrant herbs such as rosemary, thyme, and rue tied together tightly. Its actually a beauty. Such arrangement is still common in Weddings. Take a look at the picture.

During the Victorian Era, Tussie-Mussie were carried by the Judges into their courtrooms to protect against "goal fever". And even today, judges at England's highest court Old Bailey, follow this tradition by carrying a tussie-mussie into court six times a year.

Another peculiar thing related to these tussie-mussies is that they were carried close to the nose to ward off the stench in the streets and the plague!. Aromatherapy, it seems was invented here when people used to cover pungent herbs on the floors of homes to protect the gentlefolk from germs.

Tussie-musssie found a special place in Floriography & were even given to the intended by suitors at the beginning of a courtship.

Botany and related researches have always cached floriography with more ideas.

Let me give you a few examples of what flower stands for what meaning:

carnation:pure love
clover (4 leaf):happiness
lilac:love's first emotions
marigold (African):vulgar minds
poppy:sleep and dreams
rose (white):innocent love
ivy:wedded love
wild strawberry:perfection

Lesley Bremness is a Garden designer who lists the meanings of all the flowers here. Just check these out and you will be amazed.

Shall bring more interesting facts in my next post.
Till then smell a rose ;)


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11 February, 2008

A SneakPeek at the History

Lets begin it with as long back as the records speak. One reason is because I want to begin from the beginning; about the earliest known significance of flowers and herbs.

It has been known to you and me, now, passed on by our fathers and grand fathers and great grand fathers, the medicinal properties which many herbs carry with them.

Owing to such valuable properties, flowers have been used extensively for commercial purposes like making perfumes, pastes, creams and what not.

Not only the medicinal properties, but since time immemorial, people have admired the beauty a flower carry with itself and has been used in expressing emotions – thousands of them. You would be amazed to know that these expression of emotions have been categorised to have a language of their own and is termed as “Floriography”. Floriography was particularly used during the Victorian era when people used to exchange flowers considering the occasion and the meaning they carry. Not only this, flowers have also been used for religious purposes and one knows what flower to carry to a religious procession, in a church, to a temple and the likes.

Do you know that the language of flowers was as important to people as being "well dressed” during Victorian era? Ya, that’s true history has it all there. Infact, the recognizable scent of a particular flower, plant or perhaps a scented handkerchief sent its own unique message.

Those were the times when Flowers adorned almost everything… hair, clothing, jewelry, gowns, men’s lapels, home d├ęcor, china, and even stationery. Even today, ladies love to flaunt florally decorated hair. And that not the end, if a man wishes to pass on a sweet message to a lady without saying anything, all he has to do is carry a rose bud! Sounds so pleasing.

While Floriography is almost forgotten now, during the latter part of the 19th century and the early 20th, flowers were used to convey messages of love or dislike depending upon which ones are being presented, their sizes, how they were held, or also grouped together. They always a carried a meaning (not that they do not do it now but the interpretations have vanished).
How you send your bouquet also had a special meaning (today we see Online Flower Delivery but does it carry any meaning? Of course, it means sweetheart I am far away and could only send them online).

The way you present a flower had meanings of its own:
An upright position represented a "positive thought;
The opposite direction had a negative meaning.

Several dictionaries were published and written in account to explain this language to everyone, but guess who could have used such a dictionary the most – Of course yes… the lovers.

From here, we come to learn that "ROSES" symbolized love, in general. But the important thing is that each variety and color had his own meaning.
The "LILY," generally symbolized beauty, but since it too has many varieties, thus many diversified meanings.

What if lover’s used two "different" dictionaries--- with each possibly having its own nuances? Yes, both would be in a real fix. And this could even lead to probable confusions.
The significance for correct info can no doubt be ignored in such a case then.

I plan to take this further in subsequent posts.

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08 February, 2008


Today, I start this blog with an idea. And the idea is flowers. To write about them. How they are sold, how they are bought online and how online florists make both ends meet. Its a very interesting industry and have developed tremendously online. Although this may not be an appealing reason but owing to my keen interest in flowers from as long back as I remember I studied this subject in College too. Graduated with Botany as my main subject. But since, Botany did not seem to serve my purpose of earning the bread, I had to later pursue MBA.

Anyway, the blog is not about me. Its about flowers which somehow form a part of our lives in one way or the other. Every human is enchanted by the flora around us and its generally seen that countries with rich flora have a cleaner atmosphere, healthy people and are more prosperous in terms of economy too. The stats also speaks volume, otherwise the 'go green' drive wouldn't have caught the acceleration it did.

Countries striving hard to turn to green atmosphere and this is reflected in the development and endeavors across the world to get rid of environ-unfriendly products. This is necessary from 'the sustainable development' perspective too.

While we do not actually do something to turn our atmosphere green, people buying flowers, admiring them and feeling content is a common view even on busy roads. And most important of all, flowers ARE for every occasion that you can think of. Whether its a birthday, you want to ask forgiveness from someone, you want to befriend someone, you want to cheer-up someone, you want to just wish good luck, you want someone to get well soon, you want to congratulate someone, you want to empathize, sympathize, show gratitude or whatever you can think of, flowers are just there waiting to be used in the best possible way, to bring smile on someone's face, to make that person special.

So, here we are, researching on flowers and updating everyone and how has technology driven this beautiful natural product. How easy it is to touch the nature with both hands and smile across and to know the real worth life is all about.

06 February, 2008


With Valentine's day round the corner and I am still a Single, I figured doing something for lovers. A little amusingly philanthropic (if I may call it that), intellectual and academic. And what better way than to write about something I am passionate of.

While it would be a boring subject for many but to me its pretty passionate; the way this natural product has been bestowed upon us by the Nature.

And that is only for our good. Flowers bring cheer to life and thats what they are good at.

So while you would get bored reading this post and close your browser as soon as you land up on my page, I would try to regularly update this blog with more and more boring facts about flowers.

My vision is to let you add it this blog to your favorites.

Till we meet again.......