26 May, 2008

Flowers at Best

If you think, you like flowers, take a look at Tony Howell’s work on photography for flowers. Tony Howell is known to be one of England's best-known landscape photographers, and is based in Somerset. His photographs are binding and are a work from lands of England, India, Utah and Wales. The pictures are very peaceful and seem to somehow induce a serenity into your heart.

I had a good time looking at these photographs. I hope you too would like them. There are almost all kinds of flowers along with the names of flowers listed below them. The different type of flowers that Tony has clicked can come in handy with the students of floristry too as a flower identification guide. The pictures of flowers are simply breath taking. The photography is so clear that you can count the parts of the flowers as well as locate each part separately.

Really a commendable job!

Hey, check out this amusing video posted on youtube that I found today:

Good News for Flower Lovers:
Here are some tips on the classic windows box plants Reported by Times Online UK

Sad News:
Florists facing a tough time in the flower districtReported by New York Mag

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