07 May, 2008

Mothers Day Celebrations & Plight of US Flower Growers

St Paul, Minnesota, Minneapolis seems to be all busy celebrating Mother’s Day this year. This what can be called as spirit. There is this Marsh Restaurant which offers Marsh Mother’s day Brunch to the public each year. Now Marsh restaurant is not the only place to celebrate Mother’s day for people in Minneapolis. There are many other places that are meant for the people to rejoice on this beautiful occasion of Mother’s day – StarTribune.com lists them all.

Now while the whole world is busy celebrating Mother’s day, the Californian cut flower growers do not seem to be happy. They consider this as a major opportunity loss just again for them. This is what Nashua Telegraph.com reports today where the Californian growers are fighting back against the foreign Flower suppliers to US. Things date back to the 1991, in the regime of President H.W. Bush when Mr President allowed duty free access for Flower exports from Latin America to the US. This was done to fight drug trafficking from these states and the farmers in these areas were given an opportunity to actually grow something better than just the drugs. This fight towards drugs was welcomed by the growers of US but the threat now seems to persist and mounting up further.

The major threat is from Columbia which supplies most of the flowers to US. These flowers are the chep varieties which forced Californian Growers to grow some expensive varieties like Gerberas, Anthirriums etc.

Well whether this threat would continue or not, is a decision that US government will have to make before the next flower season at least.

For now, the consumers are busy buying flowers on the Mother’s day and sending them worldwide.

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