15 May, 2008

Mothers Day Sky-Rockets

Let me start with the huge traffic that 1800flowers.com, FTD.com and Teleflora.com received this year on the Mother's day. A clear data on the Traffic is, however, not possible but the Alexa Graph is definitely going to show us a better idea of what the traffic had been.
FloristNo of Visits/DayAlexa Traffic Rank

Considering a 1% conversion and an average order size of US$50, lets calculate the business done in a day by any of these Online Florists.
1800flowers.comUS$ 58,062 per day
ftd.comUS$ 48,278 per day
teleflora.comUS$ 4,633per day

This is quite considerable and make me feel that the Online business of Flowers is very attractive. This is on any particular day and not Mother's day. On Mother's day, the figures are almost 5 to 8 times of a normal day. This is clear from the following Alexa Graph:

A considerable amount is spend each year by people all across the world on Mother's day and Businesses do cash it. This is a data of only the flowers, however, the Gifts category has totally been ignored here. Let me take you through a survey performed in 2006 for the no of ways money is spent on Mother's day and their share through a wagon wheel chart.

Does this make you prepare for the next Mother's Day? Then let me tell you Valentines Day attract even more traffic.

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