28 May, 2008

Online Florists' Battle

No matter how better the Teleflora flowers are, people still are more obvious to 1800flowers, ftd & proflowers.com. I struck upon this cool gadget very late. Although there are many such online free tools that compare websites but I found Quantcast better than many others.

And the first thing that I had to do was check who’s who online florists per se. And I could not but get excited to see this graph. Quantcast provides a lot of data on the various measurements for any site being searched. Take a look at this comparison graph that I generated on Quantcast.

Although one thing that I would say that I did not like about this graph is that we cannot dig into the data. So a curve is generated only when the month ends. Otherwise it would have been really interesting to check out the visitors for Mother’s Day. To know who sold the most number of flowers on Mother’s Day this year.

About the data that we see in the graph, Teleflora (which is my favorite) is still lagging far behind. And a noticeable thing is that all the online florists are actually showing the same trend which is to say that none of them is actually working to tap the untapped during the seasons. I don’t know if I can say that they are really doing well. I mean they are just getting business in seasons and lesser business off seasons. Also, we can clearly see a very close fight between 1800flowers.com and proflowers which is pretty interesting. Take a look at Feb-Mar curve, o wow, what a nice fight in the other 3 while ftd sits at the top all through out the year as an invincible candidate.

Towards the end of the curve, I would say that, proflowers is the real looser which gets far behind 1800flowers. What could possibly be the reasons – did 1800 flowers perform too well or did proflowers went sloppy!

Another interesting area is that between ftd and 1800 flower. In the October 2007 – Nov 2007, 1800flowers & ftd were in close combat but ftd lifted itself up like a rocket. Take a look at Jan-Feb slope.

While this battle among all the Online Florists would continue lets see the changing trends and hope to see more interesting results of this Mother’s Day.

BTW, I found a very cool website where you can make and design your own flowers. Check out Zefrank.

Unfortunately, I treid a lot dragging the petals to the white area but was unable in my 30 mins efforts. If someone of you is able to do that, share some tips with me. Although, I am taking another try before I write to the webmaster.

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