30 May, 2008

Valentine's Day Brazil & Flowers

So when do you think Valentines Day is celebrated all around the world. 14th February? Well, 'No'.
Surprised? Even I was, when I first came to know that in Brazil, Valentines day is celebrated not on 14th February but 12th June. So if you thought that yur Brazilian Girlfriend or Boyfriend whom you met over the internet would wait for a flower bouquet only on 14th February, my dear darlings, you are mistaken. Start your preparations of the way you want to surprise your Brazilian Love – send Valentines Day Flowers or Valentines day gifts or whatever you think would be the best.

Brazilians call this day as "Dia dos Namorados", that is, 'Boyfriend's/Girlfriend's Day'. Celebrated every year on 12th June, this brings a lot of fun to the country. There are shows, concerts and musical events in huge numbers all over Brazil and the Valentines Day is celebrated very religiously. The Brazil population spend this day with friends, family and relatives. They engage themselves in activities like cooking of special meals, arranging for a party, taking part in party celebrations, going for sightseeing to plaxes associated with "Dia dos Namorados" with a special person. Dance and music are integral to the occasion.
So we know that "Dia dos Namorados" is not just about spending time with your girlfriends or boyfriends (although the name is just about that) but about being together with the Family & friends.
Check out Flower Growers.com , they are running a special promotion on cut flowers wherein they are offering a free vase. But the offer is closing on 6th June. You may get 12 Mixed roses with vase for just Us$ 34.95. May be you should hurry. "Send flowers” now.

Flower News

Good Flower News
Spring Flowers Inside:
Circa 2008, designers of all stripes are stressing botanical beauty, colour and whimsy more >>
: Reported by Canada.com

Not-so Good Flower News
May Flowers menaced: Just when you thought it was safe to plant flowers, Mother Nature is delivering a shot of cold air more >>
: Reported by mLive.com

29 May, 2008

Online Flower Shop UK

I got another one for you guys who wish to send flowers to UK. Believe me this is a great site with easy navigation, pretty straight forward but only if you are thinking to send flowers to UK. May be flowers to Glasgow or flowers to London.

The website that I came across is Teleflorist.co.uk. And it has almost everything on offer. Right from Hampers to Birthday flowers. You can even search flowers by price or flowers by colours. The flowers too seem to be greatly arranged.
Check out the Citrus Melody which comes at just 35.95 GBP!

Citrus Melody

For those who are searching to send gifts for all occasions, I have some interesting offers from Mrs Beasleys offering 15% discount with the promo code - PERF

At Mrs Beasleys, you can really find that perfect summer gift for you.

Check out their featured June & July Secret Special Offers:

Route 66 - FREE STANDARD SHIPPING: 50 Mrs. Beasley's fresh baked chocolate chip Mini B cookies. Only $34.95 with Free Standard Shipping!

Gentleman's Assortment - SECRET $3 OFF with code PERFGA: A gift box is filled with chocolate chip Mini B's, Caramel Pecan Cookies, and Brownie Bars. Only $32.95 before Secret discount!

Fire Cracker - FREE STANDARD SHIPPING: Celebrate the 4th of July with a gift that's bursting with flavor. Contains 50 mouth water cookies that is perfect for sharing with friends and family. Only $32.95 with Free Standard Shipping.

Dates: through 7/4/08

Mrs. Beasley's Birthday Party Chest: A wonderful assortment of 57 fabulous tasting goodies. Includes blowers and hats all for $39.95.

Whoof! so many beautiful and attractive offers. I think you should grab one of those.

The Flower News

Good Flower News:

A Flowery Get Together: A FLOWER festival to mark 150 years since a village church was rebuilt brought the whole community together for a weekend. more >> Reported by: Gazette Internet Edition

Not-so Good Flower News:

Missing Flowers: Stolen flowers is one problem at cemeteries. more >> Reported by: Star Tribune

28 May, 2008

Online Florists' Battle

No matter how better the Teleflora flowers are, people still are more obvious to 1800flowers, ftd & proflowers.com. I struck upon this cool gadget very late. Although there are many such online free tools that compare websites but I found Quantcast better than many others.

And the first thing that I had to do was check who’s who online florists per se. And I could not but get excited to see this graph. Quantcast provides a lot of data on the various measurements for any site being searched. Take a look at this comparison graph that I generated on Quantcast.

Although one thing that I would say that I did not like about this graph is that we cannot dig into the data. So a curve is generated only when the month ends. Otherwise it would have been really interesting to check out the visitors for Mother’s Day. To know who sold the most number of flowers on Mother’s Day this year.

About the data that we see in the graph, Teleflora (which is my favorite) is still lagging far behind. And a noticeable thing is that all the online florists are actually showing the same trend which is to say that none of them is actually working to tap the untapped during the seasons. I don’t know if I can say that they are really doing well. I mean they are just getting business in seasons and lesser business off seasons. Also, we can clearly see a very close fight between 1800flowers.com and proflowers which is pretty interesting. Take a look at Feb-Mar curve, o wow, what a nice fight in the other 3 while ftd sits at the top all through out the year as an invincible candidate.

Towards the end of the curve, I would say that, proflowers is the real looser which gets far behind 1800flowers. What could possibly be the reasons – did 1800 flowers perform too well or did proflowers went sloppy!

Another interesting area is that between ftd and 1800 flower. In the October 2007 – Nov 2007, 1800flowers & ftd were in close combat but ftd lifted itself up like a rocket. Take a look at Jan-Feb slope.

While this battle among all the Online Florists would continue lets see the changing trends and hope to see more interesting results of this Mother’s Day.

BTW, I found a very cool website where you can make and design your own flowers. Check out Zefrank.

Unfortunately, I treid a lot dragging the petals to the white area but was unable in my 30 mins efforts. If someone of you is able to do that, share some tips with me. Although, I am taking another try before I write to the webmaster.

The Flower News

Good Flower News:
After Chelsea Flower Show, it’s the Auckland Flower Show: THE new Auckland Flower Show has received major backing from public and industry entities…..more >>
: Reported by Times Online NZ

Not-so good Flower News:
Flower woes in Africa: HIGH costs of electricity, diesel, freight and agricultural inputs are chocking the flower sector. Juliet Musoke, the head of the Uganda Flower Exporters Association, explained that…..more >>
: Reported by All Africa.com

27 May, 2008

Mission Flowers & Plants

I was amazed to know what Edmontonians have planned to do this spring in Canada. Well they are going about for a beautiful mission to beautify their land by planting trees one at a time. That’s a very decent drive. One thing that we miss in our busy daily lives is about thinking of the environment and the fast pace at which it is deteriorating. While one thing that can save (or majorly contribute in saving) our environment, are the trees. Planting trees is actually very pious job to do. I mean, we enjoy planting a tree and observing it as it grows, like our own child. Apart from that, its high time that we become conscious of saving our dear planet from the environmental degradation.

The green drive named as "Guerilla Gardeners Vs Jasper Ave" is surely a very bright act in this direction and we actually need more such initiatives.
“Long Live the Green”

There is nothing very cheery on the “sending flowers online” & “Online flower shops” front. 1800flowers.com , proflowers and ftd.com are still featuring the same old products with no freshness (newness). However, as always, the dear TELEFLORA has again come up with a beautiful Merchandising Text adjacent to an equally beautiful flower.

Check out their beautiful Spring Farewell Collections

I don’t know but I like the Teleflora flowers the most, they have a sense of freshness and spirit raisers attached to them somehow and they really come up with all the beautiful designs and arrangements. That might be one reason they are considered the best among all other online florists and online flower shops by the Real Florists Community. The visually pleasing designs are really a treat. What a day would they make if someone orders them.

The Flower News:

Good Flower News:
Even the badly hit economy and the surging fuel prices couldn’t put a damper on flower sales at the Toledo Flowers Market – See Vendors Joy
: Reported by ToledoBlade.com

Not-so Good to hear news:
The rapidly changing climate puts worry lines on the forehead of Designers at the Chelsea Flower Show
: Reported by The Canadian Press.

(I somehow started disliking the word “Bad” attached with flowers. It makes me feel as if the flowers are bad. So I have thought of using a phrase – “Not-so Good to hear” or if you could come up with some good, one/two words as the replacement, I will be glad to use them. As it is, I am not that good at English)

26 May, 2008

Flowers at Best

If you think, you like flowers, take a look at Tony Howell’s work on photography for flowers. Tony Howell is known to be one of England's best-known landscape photographers, and is based in Somerset. His photographs are binding and are a work from lands of England, India, Utah and Wales. The pictures are very peaceful and seem to somehow induce a serenity into your heart.

I had a good time looking at these photographs. I hope you too would like them. There are almost all kinds of flowers along with the names of flowers listed below them. The different type of flowers that Tony has clicked can come in handy with the students of floristry too as a flower identification guide. The pictures of flowers are simply breath taking. The photography is so clear that you can count the parts of the flowers as well as locate each part separately.

Really a commendable job!

Hey, check out this amusing video posted on youtube that I found today:

Good News for Flower Lovers:
Here are some tips on the classic windows box plants Reported by Times Online UK

Sad News:
Florists facing a tough time in the flower districtReported by New York Mag

23 May, 2008

Teleflora Memorial Day Flowers

Teleflora is featuring beautiful Memorial Day flowers. Infact, I am obsessed at the beauty of their designs. The best part is the color combination which really seems to serve as a Tribute and Homage to the many soldiers who lost their . White, Blue & Red colors simply seem to pass just the right message and a small US Flag is what adds to the beauty in the Bouquet.

Neatly placed, this bouquet is definitely going to be the center of attraction. I am attaching an image. I really liked it. The content that Teleflora display on their featured product is very decent too – “honor them” is what it says on the Home Page. And Memorial Day flowers have been termed as what else but ‘patriotic flowers’. A great content – attractive and promotional and makes you feel like - immediately buy these Memorial day flowers.

Memorial Day Flowers

I hope you would find this useful as the link to it shall earn you 10% discount on whatever flowers you buy.

On second lines:
I have been thinking to implement something extra on my blog which would mean a little value. Although I cannot ask people to suggest me because there is no traffic to my blog in any case. Except for (Ken) who came once and even commented on my blog (Thanks so much Ken. I shall send you a bouquet for that if you give me your address please ;).

Well, I have thought of displaying 2 news items for you - A Good News & a Bad one (sadly). News are important as they might affect you in one way or the other

Hope you shall find them useful.

22 May, 2008

Flowers Promotional Codes

Here are some promotions being run on big Online Florists as of now.Hope these are useful for you.

1800flowers Promotional Code
If you are searching for Congratulations Gifts and Congratulations Flowers, check out 1800flowers.com as they have got a huge range of flowers that might fit right for your needs.
You can click on the below link for 1800flowers promotional code and at the payment page the code shall be automatically called.

FTD Promotions & Promotional Codes
FTD.com similarly have come up with good promotions as per their Promotions for Father's Day, Congratulation Flowers and other Flowers & gifts. Below are the links that you might find useful.
Save 10% on Gifts for Dad (ends 6/15/08)
Save up to 30% on Congratulations Flowers & Gifts (ends 6/30/08)
Save 10% on Flowers and Gifts starting at $19.99

Teleflora Promotion Code & Teleflora Promotions
Teleflora is offering a 10% Discount on Graduation flowers, check it out:
Get your graduate grinning, send fresh Teleflora flowers. Now 10% off. This is on till 5th JUNE only.
Alternatively, you may use the promotional code – AFPX10
I shall serve with more promotional codes and offerings time and again.

21 May, 2008

Father Day Gifts and Gifts Ideas

Fathers Day is 15th June 2008. And When do you plan to order your Father’s Day Gift?

I have some bright ideas for Fathers Day gifts that you can book in advance.

Well, time and again, everyone of us realize that the things that we order online do not reach us on time. Is that so? Not with everyone. But yes, perhaps many of us got frustrated lately due to this.

To save time and be an organized man that your Father always wanted you to be, why don’t you try and order early this time. It has 2 great benefits – firstly, you avail some nice early bird offer and secondly, you actually get rid of the hassle of being afraid of the last moment delivery.
The Father’s day, which is on 15th June this year, is now an occasion where you can act now and save early. I have some gift ideas for Father’s Day. Father’s day gifts are different from the Mother’s day. Naturally, a man likes different things than a woman. So for Father’s day this year what have you decided to gift your Father? Not yet. You don’t have to worry. I have listed some cool ideas on how to surprise your father, this Father’s day.

Below I shall list a gift section based upon your Father’s likes and dislikes. So you have to very carefully understand what your father actually likes. Because on Father’s day you would obviously not gift him something that comes as a totally indifferent thing to his likings.
Father’s Day gifts by Personality:

I. Does your Father loves books? Is he a retiree, a professors, stay-at-home dads or a Book collectors? Select a book for your Father’s day gift.

Check out AbeBooks, the world's largest online marketplace for books, lists over 110 million new, used, rare, and out of print books from 13,000 booksellers. This great selection delivers value for all: readers find bestsellers, collectors find rare books, students find textbooks, and treasure hunters find books they've been seeking forever.

II. Is your Father a food lover? Does he love Food, gifting, gourmet, gift baskets, baked-goods, gift towers, gift tins, cookies, cakes? Gift your Father the best gourmet basket ever.

Founded in 1978, Mrs. Beasley's is a multi channel retailer of Fresh Baked muffins, cookies, brownies and cakes sold via a mail order catalog, the Internet, retail stores and selected third party affiliates. Mrs. Beasley's bakes and assembles its products at a 30,000 sq. ft. facility in Carson, California. All gift baskets, boxes and towers are custom designed and manufactured to specifications.

III. Does your father has any interest in Nationally Recognised Coins and Coin Collectibles? This Father’s Day, gift him his favorite coin.

Collectors around the world rely on National Collectors Mint as a trustworthy, reliable source of rare and beautiful collectible precious metals. From genuine Morgan Silver Dollars and U.S. Government Proof Sets, to the latest quarters and Presidential Dollars, NCM offers a wide variety of US coins. NCM is also one of the largest private mints, striking legal tender coins authorized by nations around the world. Each special minting is a work of art commemorating the events and people who have shaped the nation's history.
Important :- FREE Shipping on orders over $49 at National Collector's Mint-US Coins, Collectibles-Promo Code 1208

IV. Is your Dad a Music Lover? (Well who is not?!) Why don’t you gift a Music Box to your Father? That shall be a great option.

SF Music Box specializes in musical gifts and collectibles. The site's most popular items are music boxes, musical jewelry boxes, figurines, Thomas Kinkade items, snowglobes, waterglobes. The site offers thousands of products priced for any budget and always has a "Sale" section as well as "Bestsellers" and "Christmas" links to help their customers navigate the site.
Important: - Get Free Shipping on orders $75+ at SFMusicbox.com

V. Is he an art lover? You need a great decorative Canvas Item?

Van Gogh is where to go. They feature the largest assortment online of merchandise from the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Are you still hanging around as to what you should gift for Father’s day? Well. Check out Sears.

Sears.com is a source for the wide range of products and services available from Sears. In addition to researching and buying products, customers can schedule service calls, order replacement parts, access Sears' gift registry or manage their Sears credit account. Sears also has kiosks in the appliance sections of its major. So you can actually buy the following gift items at Sears.

Apparel and Accessories Gifts
Appliances and Electronics Gifts
Babies and Kids Gifts
Department Stores (primary) Gifts
Flowers & Edibles Gifts Baskets
Media and Entertainment Gifts
Movies and Electronic Games Gifts
Music Gifts
Office Supplies Gifts
Sport and Fitness Gifts
Toys and Hobbies Gifts.

Important Promotions on Sears.com that you would not like to miss:

20 May, 2008

Mothers Day Over - Whats Next?

Now that Mother's day is over, all online florists have started targeting the Generic Occasions. While Memorial Day, which I dont think is really that affluent in terms of business for online florists is not being targeted at all by the florists, Father's day is still far. Would someone send flowers on Father's Day? Well I performed a Keyword search for Father's Day and found that there were only an estimated 23 searches being performed per day across all search engines for "Father's Day Flowers".

Well, what is to be inferred? That we dont love our fathers or what? I tried for "Fathers Day Gifts" and found that there were at least about 300 searches per day across all search engines on this and some related keywords. Thats still significant which means that you actually have a chance to target Father's Day before you start feeling that you have lost some business. My friend, who happens to run an online flower website, actually felt sad when she realised that she has been late in starting her Paid Campaign on Google for mother's day. She lost around US$200. And could capture only a single order worth US$60. Earnings = US$ 6.00.

A while ago I suggested her to prepare herself for the Father's Day as the no of searches are bound to increase once the date nears.

I had a look at what our Big Online Florists are capturing right now. So, as I said earlier they are targeting very generic groups now and all of them (i.e. 1800flowers.com icon, proflowers, ftd, teleflora ) - Birthday Flowers icon, New Baby Flowers iconetc.

1800flowers took an extra step and is offering featured Thank You Flowers icon and I'm Sorry Flowers icontoo (typically searched as 'Thank you flowers' & 'Im sorry flowers' on Google).

But the designs are really exclusive (although repetitive for occasions). And yes I must mention here that it was such a relief to see Teleflora's homepage getting a new look after they got rid of their America's favorite Mom promo. They infact have come up with beautiful Teleflora's Darling Daisy Bouquet on account of the fact that they are actually promoting the spring flowers as the Summer approaches.

FTD.com is keen on promoting the Get Well flowers and is offering you to Save 10% on Flowers and Gifts starting at $19.99 at FTD.com! Thats good news.

On 1800flowers.com most of the designs and arrangements remains same as on mother's day. I found Casablanca Jardinier icon to be somewhat cool which is avaliable the same day!

Proflowers.com did not seem to have any unique options for flowers.
I shall do a post tommorrow on the Father's Day gifts that you can actually send your Father this year.

19 May, 2008

Memorial Day Flowers

I happened to come across Afandi's blog just a while ago. I dont know him anymore than you would after reading his blog. Not that he has written something very extraordinary but what I found is that he is surely thinking of doing something away from the norms. His latest blog is something that I think is pretty true - in the sense that nobody wants to listen to you or know about you. Even then, millions of us, lessers, write blogs daily, and update them very religiously, thinking that we will definitely find someone who will read our thoughts. And maybe leave a comment, which is likely to bring immense joy to us.

However, other than all the above talks, sadly, Mother's day is over now and many businesses who were involved with the preparations for Mother's day got relieved now. But not for long, as there are a host of other occasions lined up (with flowers as protagonist). Like, there is Memorial Day just round the corner now which makes us remember the sacrifice of so many soldiers. Lets take a peep into the history of Memorial Day before I tell you which flowers would suit for Memorial Day.

Memorial Day commemorates the sacrifice of Thousand of American Soldiers who died in the American Civil War. It is observed on the last Monday of May all over the United States and is a United Stated Federal Holiday. Accordingly, this year the Memorial Day falls on the 26th May.

Also, known as the decoration day, the Memorial Day began first to honor Union soldiers who died during the American Civil War but after World War I it was expanded to include those who died in any war or military action. The day is observed by all by visiting cemetaries and memorials and placing flowers on the graves.
The southeastern U.S. observes Decoration Day the Sunday before Memorial Day. It is a day to decorate the graves of all family members, and it is not reserved for those who served in the military.
Do you wish to show respect for the sacrifice of all soldiers. Well you can really do so by buying some flowers and visiting a cemetary to place them. These beautiful flowers

shall definitely push up the spirits. Available at just $39.99 and available same day. Order for these flowers. The colors are significant of the peace that is needed to observe at this occasion. The mix of white and green is really beautiful and expressive.

Let me also give you a discount Prmotional Code on flowers in case you find something better of your choice in more than $59.95. With the code "BM10", you save $10.00. Thats not bad, even if it means saving a single dollar.

Check out more such beautiful designs of flowers for Memorial day here

15 May, 2008

Mothers Day Sky-Rockets

Let me start with the huge traffic that 1800flowers.com, FTD.com and Teleflora.com received this year on the Mother's day. A clear data on the Traffic is, however, not possible but the Alexa Graph is definitely going to show us a better idea of what the traffic had been.
FloristNo of Visits/DayAlexa Traffic Rank

Considering a 1% conversion and an average order size of US$50, lets calculate the business done in a day by any of these Online Florists.
1800flowers.comUS$ 58,062 per day
ftd.comUS$ 48,278 per day
teleflora.comUS$ 4,633per day

This is quite considerable and make me feel that the Online business of Flowers is very attractive. This is on any particular day and not Mother's day. On Mother's day, the figures are almost 5 to 8 times of a normal day. This is clear from the following Alexa Graph:

A considerable amount is spend each year by people all across the world on Mother's day and Businesses do cash it. This is a data of only the flowers, however, the Gifts category has totally been ignored here. Let me take you through a survey performed in 2006 for the no of ways money is spent on Mother's day and their share through a wagon wheel chart.

Does this make you prepare for the next Mother's Day? Then let me tell you Valentines Day attract even more traffic.

12 May, 2008

Post Mothers Day

Mothers Day is over now and I am sure all you people must have had a fabulous Mother's Day. Of course, except for those, who ordered their flowers and could not receive it timely. This problem is being addressed everywhere and there seems to be a logistics management problem that has seeped in lately into all systems. Whether its the Flowers that you send on Mother's Day. Order it online or call and order for them, its almost the same thing. A delya seems to be inevitable these days. I have been reading on blogs and visited many forums where this problem has made many people angry towards the florists they have ordered their flowers.

Well a consciuos effort is actually required at the Customers end as well as the florist's end to actually address this problem. And I can understand the way one feels when somebody is a victim of false committment.

Apart from this, I did a last post on Gifts because gift certificates are a way which you can send and wish anyone on an occasion. It has a materialistic value, however, does not have much of a personal touch (which is more required at such occasions as was the Mother's Day).

There have been a huge online traffic this year too on Mother's day and due to the paucity of time with me right now, I shall give a detailed anlaysis of the same in my next post. However, to just hint you, FTD.com received around 10 Million visitors on a single day!

C ya in the next post.

08 May, 2008

Unique Mother's Day Gifts

I have come up with some really Unique Gift Ideas to send to your Mom this Mother’s Day.
Gifts are a way to express your feelings to Mom and a great way to make someone’s day. I have intended to bring together the Promotional Offers for you at just one place so that you do not have to search at multiple places for Gifts.
Select from the following gift categories:

Books: Sourced from AbeBooks you can
Health & Beauty Lotions & Cleansers : Sourced from Biologic Solutions, these skin Care products shall help you look younger and healthier. A perfect gift for Mom because she is still beautiful. All you need for younger and smoother looking skin.
: Ghirardelli Chocolates are a Moment of Timeless Pleasure. With Sweet delicious taste that turns on your food frenzy and brings out the greed of chocolate. This is another perfect gift on Mother’s Day since you know your Mom has always loved the chocolates. What more, you can find Ghirardelli Mothers Day Gifts, Ghirardelli Chocolate Bars, Ghirardelli Gift Boxes, Ghirardelli Gift Baskets, Ghirardelli San Francisco Gifts, Ghirardelli Everyday Gifts and many more items from Ghirardelli.
Founded in San Francisco in 1852, Ghirardelli has the richest heritage of any American chocolate company. Enjoy these Ghirardelli renditions of classic San Francisco icons

Coins & Collectibles:
: Sourced from National Collector’s Mint, a recognized coin and collectibles company located in Port Chester, NY. NCM is a trustworthy, reliable source of rare and beautiful collectible precious metals.
Select from Morgan Silver Dollars to US Govt's Proof Sets to Presidential Dollars, NMC bring about everything in coins. You can find genuine coins here and gift them to your loved ones. Coins make a special gift, a remembrance, and a souvenir to cherish.

National Collectors Mint also brings for you Jewellery, Watches & Gifts which are simply marvelous and at attractive prices. .

You can also shop for Sport Collectibles.

PMG Coin Collections
Order for Just $1

Art Works: Sourced from Van Gogh, VanGogh art gallery is famous for Van Gogh Paintings and is a great source of the art work of the great Artist Van Gogh.

Here you can buy just anything:
1. Art Accessories which includes Cutting Boards, Holiday Ornaments, Mousepads, Mugs, Night Lights, Photo Boxes, Plates, Puzzles, Soap Sets, Switch Plates, Tea pots, Tiles & Umbrellas.
2. Books on Van Gogh
3. Van Gogh Calendar

4. Van Gogh Clothing:

5. CDs – Like Van Gogh Computer Fonts, Masterpiece Slides etc.
6. Posters -

7. Stationary Starting $0.50! - This includes Notecard sets, Holiday Card, Notepads, Postcards, Blank books & writing Paper.
8. Children Items: Like Puzzle Box

9. Gift Certificates starting from just $25. The Gift Certificates are an important way to send wishes when you have run out of time. Gift certificates can be sent over the e-mail and are a popular choice for all.

I have made it a point that all the Sellers that I list here for you are Genuine and very Reliable. These gifts can be sent on Mother's day along with your flower delivery. On Mother's day, what can be a better gift than a Kitchen Gift for your Mom, take a look at Wusthof Gourmet 10-Piece Block Set
and many other Kitchen Gifts right here brought to you by Chef's Catalog.

The gifts for all occasions assorted for people of varied choices and I shall keep posting you about the unique Mother's day gifts that you can send your Mom on Mother's day or to any of your loved ones on any special occasion when you start to look out for gifts.

You can choose from the above for your need of Mother’s day gifts, Father’s day gifts, Anniversary gifts, Thank you gifts, Just Because gifts, Surpirse Gifts, Gift Certificates for any and all occasions. You are sure to bring cheer to your loved ones by sending these gifts to them.

07 May, 2008

Mothers Day Celebrations & Plight of US Flower Growers

St Paul, Minnesota, Minneapolis seems to be all busy celebrating Mother’s Day this year. This what can be called as spirit. There is this Marsh Restaurant which offers Marsh Mother’s day Brunch to the public each year. Now Marsh restaurant is not the only place to celebrate Mother’s day for people in Minneapolis. There are many other places that are meant for the people to rejoice on this beautiful occasion of Mother’s day – StarTribune.com lists them all.

Now while the whole world is busy celebrating Mother’s day, the Californian cut flower growers do not seem to be happy. They consider this as a major opportunity loss just again for them. This is what Nashua Telegraph.com reports today where the Californian growers are fighting back against the foreign Flower suppliers to US. Things date back to the 1991, in the regime of President H.W. Bush when Mr President allowed duty free access for Flower exports from Latin America to the US. This was done to fight drug trafficking from these states and the farmers in these areas were given an opportunity to actually grow something better than just the drugs. This fight towards drugs was welcomed by the growers of US but the threat now seems to persist and mounting up further.

The major threat is from Columbia which supplies most of the flowers to US. These flowers are the chep varieties which forced Californian Growers to grow some expensive varieties like Gerberas, Anthirriums etc.

Well whether this threat would continue or not, is a decision that US government will have to make before the next flower season at least.

For now, the consumers are busy buying flowers on the Mother’s day and sending them worldwide.

Inside AdWords: Tips on converting last-minute Mother's Day shoppers to customers

06 May, 2008

Cinco de Mayo - 5th May, Mexico

I came across Cinco de Mayo, although a day later. For those who do not know about Cinco de Mayo, what do you think you know about the world? (After I know about it I can say this ;))
Hold on, I will tell you what Cinco de Mayo is. While Cinco de Mayo is a celebration for Mexicans, it is celebrated alike by both Americans & Mexicans. It’s a joyous celebration and commemorates a joyful moment in History of Mexico when Mexicans defended their independence against an insurmountable army in 1862 of Europe. It’s a fiesta day in US and Mexico and more than 50% of Americans argue that it should be declared a holiday in the US too since its celebrated with equal enthusiasm as in Mexico. Well, I agree.

There is Singing, Dancing & Dinners all across Mexico on this special day and people exchange gifts.

So cheer up on this occasion and dance more cause that’s one thing which make you forget the world and its worries. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

05 May, 2008

Online Florists - Misconceptions & Rumors

The USAweekend.com reported Amy Stewart, author of "Flower Confidential: The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful in the Business of Flowers." Consumers receive less than what they pay for and have little recourse for resolving problems. Order gatherers appear to be local but are based somewhere else. If in doubt, call them to find out."

Well I completely disagree with her opinion and perception about so called “order gatherers”. Well, I would not call them order gatherers. A better name would be order facilitators. I look at them as a very important subject of an order. Why? Simply because they are actually increasing the reach of a florist which a local florist can really not do! A local florist who sells fresh flowers for every occasion that you could imagine round the street corner is unable to reach a person outside the city. Yes, that’s true, he collects his orders through a call or by direct walk-ins. However, he is unable to launch an expensive and dynamic website and then work over it to actually market it online. This would render him start up a new section his flower shop – that of technicals, online marketers and researchers which I am sure he would not be able to afford by his measly or not very rich income.

Now how is an Order Facilitator to send flowers online helps here. Well, it’s a relationship that an Online Facilitator builds up – a two way relationship with the Florists as well as Customers. Lets see how he does that.

Relationship of online florist with the Customer:

I am sitting in New Delhi, India and wish to send flowers to my brother who lives in 54th Street, NYC. Now what do I do? Do I call my brother up to know the no of local florist of New York and destroy the very surprise that I wanted to give to my brother? Or should I just keep researching for a local florist in New York, get his phone no and spend a huge amount of money to order him flowers. Well, how would he charge even if I do order my flowers? How do I believe him?
Wouldn’t it be much easier for me to just order to an Online florist, select a flower or bouquet of my choice and see them delivered without much hassles or without spending any money!
Yes it is. Well I am really grateful to the Online company to make things easier for me. I can also pay online, I can even track my order and what more, I can even question them if my order is not delivered or sue them for the same.

Relationship of Online Florist with the Local Florist:

I am a florist with only 20 orders per day. I want to expand my business but I am unable to because I do not have enough funds to market my products. Moreover the population where I am located is not so much and the competition with other florists is just too much that I end up with just 20 orders per day. An online florist approaches me and ask me to tie up with him because his research says that a lot of people from India send flowers to my city every day. Why would not I tie up with him. Does it really matter to me if I can offer him a commission on his services. Well after the tie up I saw an increase of 5 orders per day. That’s good news as more online florists are approaching for tie ups. More tie ups mean more orders per day.

Now as per Amy Stewart, Consumers receive less than what they pay for is actually misinterpreted and is a perception of potential short sightedness. She forgets the widening reach of a local florist and the benefits of customers to send flowers from anywhere to anywhere. They are not receiving less, they are actually gaining more through the Online Florists.

Whats wrong if an Online florist asks for a commission for his services. Everybody does that. I mean one way or the other. Don’t Travel Agents do it?

Probably, Amy Stewart should rethink over her comments.

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03 May, 2008

Mothers Day Flowers & Gifts by 1800flowers

It seems like 1800flowers.com icon is really on a drive for Partnerships and acquisitions. With its recent buy of DesignPac gifts, an Illinois wholesaler that designs and assembles food gift baskets at a whopping 36 Million dollars in Cash, the company is on a drive to widen its reach in the Gourmet food gift baskets business. The chief executive of 1800flowers.com icon is believed to observe that this move can help enhance the growth and profitability of all of their existing gourmet food gifts businesses as reported by newsday.com, a News agency. Since 2002, 1800flowers has really been on a drive to enhance its gourmet food baskets business by acquiring the Popcorn Factory, Cheryl & co. & Fanny May Confections.

Undoubtedly, the company is being very vigilant and foresighted in developing its business. The company is aiming at becoming the biggest player in this category.

Check out some of the delicious gourmet baskets at 1800flowers.com icon. Like the Cakes & Cookies section - Mother's Day Fortune Cookie at $32.99

Or you may even wish to take a look at the Light & Lemony Tote at $49.99

Well apart from all the Mother’s day gifts and Mothers day flowers that we have at 1800flowers.com which are a real beauty, the company is not sitting idle on the environment cleaning front too.

Following earth day, 1800flowers.com icon launched a program to Recycle Used Computer Equipment and Invites Local Communities to Participate in this Drive. This is something called the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) where 1800flowers is actively creating awareness among the general masses to make our environment clean. For this, 1800flowers partnered with e-Scrap Destruction, an “e-waste” management and recycling company, to help alleviate the burden that discarded computer equipment is placing on the environment.

Apart from this one thing that I really like in 1800flowers.com iconis their "Suggestor Tool" which helps in suggesting the perfect gift for you.

I am sure 1800flowers.com icon is the only Online florist that is helping its customers out in every possible way. There is really a huge range of flowers that you will not find anywhere else. I strongly recommend 1800flowers.com iconto all you people.

Are you still looking for any other options? Well let me tell you 1800flowers.com iconis your best bet.

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02 May, 2008

Mother's Day - Flowers, Gifts or Both?

With just 9 days left to go for Mothers day, every e-business has pulled up its socks to encash the happy moments. And why not, an occasion is an occasion for happiness and joy only when everyone looks happy. So whether you a businessmen who is rejoicing on account of more sales this Mother’s day or a child who is rejoicing that you got yet another chance to show your Mom that you really care and all that happened last year was not really what you meant or even if you are a Mom who is expecting and waiting for your Son’s/Daughter’s call because its been a long time that you have spoken and you are happy that the time is again yet here when you would cook for your children the same delicious food that they have always liked or even if you are a blogger who is happy because you write on flowers and with mothers day round the corner, you expect more visitors this time on your blog (I am no different ;) )

So everyone is rejoicing and there is an excitement in the air. I remember the last time when I sent my Mom a bouquet, she was in tears. Well, those were the tears of joy. And I have always wanted my Mom to be the happiest creature of the universe with the reason of happiness being me.

What I think is that there is no gift more worth on a Mother’s day than a one to one talk of mother and child about the spent last year. And reflections and a dinner together . However, we have turned out to be more materialistic no matter even if its subconsciously. We know that to show how much we love our mother, we do not have to necessarily send her flowers or gifts or anything. She knows it even if we do not send her anything. But our heart keeps arguing and we think of ways to send her gifts and unique gifts on mothers day. Well, as long as it surprises her, its good. I mean surprises are always good and keeps someone very excited about the whole thing, the whole day.

But flowers are a great gift I tell you. Flowers are always looked upon as a cherry on the cake. So let me ask you guys out there that what actually have you decided upon as a gift on Mothers day for your Mom this time? Now before you do that, just ask yourself one question – is it going to catch your Mother by surprise? If you get a ‘yes’, I am sure it’s a cool idea. If you get a 50-50 or a ‘No’, get thinking buddy again.

Let me guess what would surprise anyone’s mom. Well, a holiday!! To a cool destination somewhere far! Wow! I am sure she is going to love it.

Or may be something that would bring out the emotions. Like something you know that she need and is waiting for something to buy it someday. Well I know you also do not want to make it very expensive. So may be a book about something which she is really interested in and has talked about when you last spoke to her. You can actually gift it to your Mom this time.

But one thing that is a must on Mothers day is flowers. So if you have come up with a gift idea or have NOT come up with a gift idea just give this a thought that you can always Celebrate Mom with fresh flowers from Teleflora. Order today and Save 15%.

Happy Mother’s day.

01 May, 2008

Unique Mothers Day Gifts - Gordon Ramsay Collections

Well if you thought that flowers are just too old fashioned for you to gift your Mom this Mothers Day, think again. Flowers make a person smile and can go with any gift that you really wish to send. So no matter, even if you have decided to send a gift to your Mom or if you wish to send a gift other than flowers, make sure that you add flowers to your gifts. And why should you not buy it when you know there are so many cool offer with all Online florists for you:

Mother's Devotion @ $ 54.99

The 1800 flowers are running a cool No Shiiping Charges for delivery Mon, May 5th - wed May 7th icon offer.


And what more would you need. For FTD, you can Save10% on FTD Mother's Day Flowers & Gifts. Flowers Starting at $19.99

So just when you though the flowers are not the only way to wish Happy Mothers Day to your Mom, I have some unique gift items for your Mom that shall really delight her.
Check out the beautiful and useful Ramsay Gordon’s Kitchen Gifts Gallery.

We have Gordon Ramsay Roasters from $19.99

that are sure to come in handy.

Also, look out for KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer KSM150PS which is really a cool item for Moms.

Then there is Le Creuset Petite Casseroles, Set of 4 and the very usable Wusthof Gourmet 10-Piece Block Set.

And if you want an all time favorite gift for your Mom who is an avid and an enthusiastic, innovative cook, try gifting her Gordon Ramsay Makes It Easy Cookbook for $24.95 and I am sure you would be loved more from then onwards!

I shall come up with more Unique Gifts for your Mom, so keep coming back to my blog and comment here, plssss…