30 April, 2008

Teleflora Promotion Code & FTD Flowers Discount - Mother's day

For folks who are still looking out for discounts on flowers they wish to send and yet have not found that beautiful flower or bouquet to send online to Mama this Mother’s day. Ladies & Gentlemen, Mother’s day is approaching fast now and you need to quickly make a decision in case you are left out with the last minute orders which are very doubtful to be delivered the same day.

This Page might be outdated by the time you are visiting this. A better idea would be to look for newer posts on Teleflora, FTD, 1800 Flowers promotion codes or you could also
Save 15% and toast your Thanksgiving host with a fresh Teleflora bouquet!

I did a little work for you guys to save you money this Mother’s day. But as in my earlier post, I gave you two discount coupon codes for Martha Stewart flowers & bouquet on 1800flowers. Today, let me take you through another beautiful flower designer and online florist – Teleflora.

Teleflora is a big florist of the US and can boast of a huge visitor base with specific searches on Teleflora ranging from 400-500 searches per day on Google by the users. Well, this is significant. Teleflora is picking up significantly owing to its neat interface and good brand promotion through the Media especially the TV. Their Mother’s day Specials on the NBC – America’s Favorite Mom is sure to have a lot of Mom-loving children watching it.

Following are some of the Coupon codes embedded links for Teleflora. Just click on any of these links (actually the Teleflora Promotion codes) and you should get the Teleflora discount code on the top of the landing page. So you do not have to worry but just keep browsing through the website. Read the below links carefully and select whichever suits your needs.

Celebrate Mom with fresh flowers from Teleflora. Order today and Save 15%.
Petal your way into Mom s heart with Teleflora flowers. Now 15% off
Celebrate Mom with fresh Teleflora flowers, now 15% off.
Give Mom fresh Teleflora flowers and save 20% when you purchase 2 or more bouquets.
Celebrate Mom with Fresh flowers and save $5 when you upgrade to a bigger, better bouquet.
Save $5 on box of chocolates when you purchase any Teleflora bouquet.
Save 50% off your service fee on when you purchase a Teleflora product over $50
Telefora has a wide selection of flowers for mom. Save 20% when you choose Roses or Lilies

In case you are too FTD obsessed and are looking for FTD flowers but not getting discounts, I have something for you – a 10% off link for FTD flowers. Well, bear it but this link shall enable your cookie and whenever you visit FTD, you would avail this 10%!
To validate, try browsing FTD without clicking on the below link and just check the price for the same product after clicking on this link. That should keep you coming back to my blog.

The FTD Discount Code:
Buy 15 Tulips receive Free Godiva Chocolates + Free Vase + $10 Off (This is valid till 31st May only)

29 April, 2008

Martha Stewart for 1800flowers.com

Martha Stewart is a big name in the Fashion and Lifestyle industry and can be considered one of the eminent personalities in the US. Wikipedia acknowledges Martha Stewart as an American business magnate, author, editor and homemaking advocate.
She is an icon. One way that this can be concluded is the no of times people search for her by name on Google. The stats reveal it is 3051 searches that are made on 'Martha Stewart' on Google per day. Martha Stewart Recipes are searched in the range of 350 - 400 which is more than any other Martha Stewart's services.
This is amusing considering the fact that 1800flowers which offers Martha Stewarts floral designs and tips is searched for just 661 times per day on Google. Now consider the traffic that Martha's personal website must be receiving per day.
1800flowers have been smart enough to grab her as an opportunity before any other online florist could do. And I am pretty sure that many of the guys who come to 1800flowers must be glad to find Martha Stewart there.

So here are some Martha Stewarts Favorites that I filtered for you. Also, before actually clicking or buying on these images read this article to end as I have Discount codes down there. Thats one way I try people to read my blog to the full (Ha! intelligent me!)
Martha Stewart Spring Blossom Bouquet

or check out at a nominal price of US$ 60, the Martha Stewart Oriental Lily & Berry Bouquet

Any of the above two piece of flower bouquets are definitely going to delight your Mom.
Or check out the Martha Stewart Classic Rose & Weber Tulip Bouquet iconat just US $ 64.95.


or if you are looking for the same day delivery bouquet, please take a look at this:
Martha Stewart Blush Peony Bouquet which comes at US $99.95icon

Now if that still does not satisfy your insatiable greed of more Martha Stewart collections, here is a list of what she has to offer to you at 1800flowers.com

* The numbers in the brackets are the no of items in the corresponding category
Mother`s Day flowers(34)
Spring flowers(3)
Anniversary flowers(31)
Birthday flowers(34)
Congratulations flowers(27)
Get Well flowers(20)
I`m Sorry flowers(28)
Just Because flowers(30)
Love & Romance flowers(23)
New Baby flowers(29)
Thank You flowers(25)

Flowers (59)
Plants (14)

Best Sellers Bouquets(12)
Carnations (3)
Daisies (6)
Hydrangea (2)
Lilies (7)
Mixed Bouquets (21)
Orchids (2)
Ranunculus (1)
Roses (21)
Tulips (12)

Bulbs (3)
Flowering Plants (11)
Green Plants (3)
House Plants (7)
Hydrangea (2)
Orchid Plants (4)
Rose Plants (1)
Tulip Plants (1)
Violets (1)

Out of the total collection the price discrimination is as below:
flowers for $40 and under (1)
flowers for $40 to $75 (49)
flowers for $75 and up (25)

So there seem to be a lot of choice for buying flowers from $40 to $75 range.
One thing that I really dont like at 1800flowers is that the flowers and the bouquets are repeated in different categories.

To visit the Martha Stewart Store, all you have to do is just browse the Martha Stewart Store
1800flowers also claims to give you a seven day freshness guarantee in the flowers. Thats something nobody could claim I should say. Another of the innumerous add-ons on 1800flowers.

Here are your 1800 discount coupon codes for Mother's day. Enter these discount coupon codes once you reach the payment page for the website.

MARTHA10: For Products above USD$ 59.95 - Saves you $10
MARTHA25: For Products above USD$ 119.95 - Saves you $25
But this comes with simple conditions attached like discount not applicable on taxes and shipping charges and depending upon the availability of a particular product.
Guess if Martha Stewart is an icon or 1800flowers is!
icon icon

28 April, 2008

Searching "Online Flower Delivery" at Google

Let me talk of Sites like iflowers.com. What is it that they achieve. for those who do not know about iflowers, let me briefly explain.When we google "Online Flower Delivery", the first website that comes up on the organic SERP is iflowers.com. Now what exactly is this site doing?

Before that let me ask you a question: When you type in such a key phrase in Google, what could possibly be your aim? Well, I am sure your interest is to send flowers by ordering them online to your friends or family and actually you want to look for some oprtions that are available on the internet to send flowers to someone. And you look forward to send original & natural flowers (thats something understood).Now as you type in the search term "Online Flower Delivery" and hit the enter key in Google, there is iflowers.com at the Top position. Going inside, we find a bad looking interface which is pretty repelling with no imgaes whatsoever. The color combination is murky and dis-interesting that you will immediately lose interest. Further to your disappointment, the site dont even sell real flowers, it sells everything virtually i.e. e-cardsd, e-flowers, e-gifts and all es.

Well, this is pretty amusing. Now this website has no doubt done a lot of work on the optimisation using same keywords, keyphrases and content as is needed for a real florist but then what does it achieve.The way such websites earn is still a mystery to me but for one thing I am sure that they are in this way able to collect a lot of traffic. Since these are content based websites, they can be optimised easily. However, a real florists website is more of images based and not text based so an optimisation is actually not possible that early.But inspite of the traffic that this virtual florist must be receiving, I doubt if people are going to spend much time on this site. A person looking for real flowers is sure to close the browser window rather than send virtual flowers instead! So the average time spent per person on this website shall be very low. However, this would not matter because what I really think is that such websites are not here to promote their e-gifts, e-cards or e-flowers but to push-thrust their master (which is a real florists website) further on the search engines by linking to them.

Yes, iflowers is linked to 1800florals.So that at least 10% of the traffic who are about to close the browser window would definitely cross check if a link for real flowers is given or not and they shall find it.

So thats another way of looking at it. Unless someone among you make me understand how do websites like iflowers.com earn, I think this is their prime goal.

Celebrate Mom! Send Mother's Day flowers from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM!

25 April, 2008

An Online Florist with Worldwide Flower Delivery Services - A Take

Flora 2000 offers flowers in 156 countries. Thats more than any other online florist that I have come across. Moreover they have a very neat interface that makes you comfortable while choosing flowers of your choice. Basically, meaning that they do not stuff up their web pages with unnecessary promotions of all sorts. They have certain very clear cut objectives and deliverables that are mentioned on their site.

However, one thing that I would suggest to anyone who is buying flowers online or purchasing anything online for that matter is that when you are at the Payment Page, do take some time to review the Terms n Conditions attached to the Payment process. Sometimes these terms and conditions may change with the product selected by you. So now,if you go till the payment page of flora2000, and you want that the flowers you are sending reach the destination on 11th May i.e. Mother’s day, simply because you really want the special gift and flowes reach your Mom on that very day, then Flora2000 is not your choice. They have clearly mentioned at the payment page that all flowers scheduled for 11th May shall be sent either on 9th May or the 10th. I spoke to a Flora2000 executive and she confirmed this saying that their floral outlets would remain close on Sunday.

Now I am really doubtful, if they would make money here which they would have made otherwise. Well but this has two sided implications as I see it – a positive and a negative.
About the Negative, many people might leave the site just because they wanted their flowers to reach on the 11th May only and not later or sooner. Also, many of them might not turn back again to this Online Florist. The other negative aspect would be when some of the buyers would not actually see the terms and conditions and book their flowers ignoring the message they have displayed and expecting their flowers to be delivered on the 11th only just to find out later that they were delivered a day before! This would further lead to confusions and people trying to sue the innocent florist.

The positive aspect of it is that we now know that flora2000 is very clear in its commitments and that closing the shop on Sunday of 11th May means that they believe in delivering only fresh flowers. Well this is a feather in the cap.

Btw, the thing is that if you are still looking forward to send flowers through flora2000 – I shall suggest you some real cool bouquet. Check out here for Mother’s day:

Mixed Roses at $ 49.99!

This adorable basket of spray roses and daisy poms accented with ivy comes at just $49.99. A perfect gift for any occasion.

More gifts and flowers available to send online here.

24 April, 2008

Online Florist, US - A comparison on rates

Let me talk about the ongoing promotions at all flower delivery online stores today. This shall help you choose an Online florist of your choice rather than checking out each website to do it for yourself.
Let me keep myself restricted to the price being offered rather than going into the detail of the flower arrangements simply because at every online florists all flower arrangements are beautiful. There is no arrangement that you can really call bad.
Ongoing promotions at 1800
1. Organica and Natural Gifts Baskets, $99.99
2. Birthday Blooms starting at $19.99
3. Casablanca Jardinier at $49.99 for Administrative professionals week
4. Martha's Spring Bouquet $74.59 Spring Flower Bouquet
5. Designer flowers collection on Mother's day @ $ 75.00 by Julie Mulligan
6. Mother's day. Order early and save upto 40%. Mothers embrace @ $ 79.99


1. Admin Prof Week by Todd Oldham @ $62.99
2. Mother's day: $ 49.99
3. Birthday: $ 39.99 The FTD Natural Wonders Bouquet.
4. Roses:$ 29.99 Gentle Memories Mother’s day roses.
Banner Promotions at FTD
spring garden bouquet: $ 39.99
laura ashley bouquet: $ 59.99
thank you bouquet: $ 36.99
Textual Promotion at FTD
Order early and asave upto 40%

1. Mother's day - no mention on Home Page Tulips for Mom at $24.99. Going deeper – Mom’s delight at $29.99
2. Birthday bouquet - $ 29.99 comprise 20 Blue Iris.
3. Administrative professional week - no mention. Digging deeper gives a 100 blooms of Peruvian Lilies at $19.99
A side banner, however, keep coming up with the various designs for flowers - with all kinds flower arrangements like 3 dozen purple carnations at $ 39.99.
Unlike other florists, proflowers does not seem to offer 40% discounts.

America's favourite Mom - Hot promotion category.
Secretaries week, enchanted promotion, mother's day with flower bouquet sliding in a flash programme in a striped window just below their hot promotional banner on the home page that eats up almost the whole space.
For Secratries Week, we have make a wish bouquet – cute with glass vase and beautiful colourful assortment of sunshine flowers. $ 29.99
The enchanted offer gives you $5 back on the purchase of a Bouquet + DVD.
On Mother’s day, you can buy Teleflora’s Victorian Teacup Bouquet @ $39.95! This one is really great with multicoloured roses matched with the color of the vase.

A very simple site offering simple banner romotions. You may not like the look and feel of the website. They have made it all green which does not even look great.
But they are offering very nice discounts on their products with $10.00 on every product above $50.
Special Flowers start at just $ 29.99
A very simple interface, however, which does not confuse you to anything.
I noticed that Birthday flowers are being promoted by almost each online florist! This is due to the reason that there are around 819362 Birthdays per day all across the US.
Well as per my personal opinion, FTD has some cool designs that would really take you of the floor.
However, if you are looking for a pretty flower bouquet and do not want much hassles during buying check out flower.com

1800 flowers.com seem to cash in more on their gifts category and quality exclusive flower bouquet for that matter.
They have actually selected and dedicated one designer florist to each of their categories and attaching a brand tag makes it look elegant. Best for the Brand conscious people.

However, for the brand conscious, that's not it, they have FTD.com too that has pretty nice designs to offer. Their arrangements are simple and yet graceful.
Laura Ashley Bouquet is superb and they seem to have concentrated on making all bouquet deliverable on almost all occasions with no hassles of segmenting it into categories.
Teleflora is more involved in its hot promotion for America's Favorite Mom, a contest that they are ready to shell around $250,000 for the winner. They are even playing a videa for the same.
The flowers are beutiful but do not clearly mention the price on the Home page.

Proflowers also have kept their homepage very simple and not actuall crowding it with too many promotions or product images. They are also running all the promotions and their price are really really competitive.

The best buy, however, would be FTD pink Lily Bouquet at $39.99. Look svery peaceful nice and beautiful. Best suited for Mother's day.Or the Laura Ashley Bouquet @ $59.99 best suited for an elegant Mom.

1-800-FLOWERS.COMFlower.com FlowersFlowers and Gifts 468x60

23 April, 2008

Flowers & Flowers

I have some special news about the ongoing administrative Professional Week. It has been revealed or lets say realised that flowers make great desk gifts. Pam Cyboron, the owner of Corum’s flowers and Greenhouse on 639 Fifth Ave assures to bring a lot of blooming plants this season. She believes that people like them since they last longer.
On similar notes, the owner of Bloom Works, 138 W. Broadway, Alisa Roth promises to bring of some annual flowers in little Gerber pots if a desk size item is being looked for!
Fresh flowers in decorative eyes would just make a perfect gift for you. Read more about this at Zwire

Now here is something of interest for Hampshire and the surrounds. Though the cold persists, the flowers sing a different story. Well the singing flowers are those of May. Blooming in early April, these flowers have kept everyone amazed by their early arrivals. The Hawthorn and Bluebells that are the flowers from May are seen pretty earlier this year!
Says Dr Kate Lewthwaite, manager of the woodland Trust’s Nature’s Calendar project that a significant advancement has been noticed of teh spring flower species like Hawthorn in line with annual temperatures. Read at Dailymail UK

Now, is this a matter to rejoice or a matter of concern?. Well global warming has it effects on every thing that you cn possibly think of. While flowers are good to arrive early but the glabal warming is definitely not. The arrival of early summers is definitely not a reason to be happy. Lets join hands to check this global warming. Lets plant more trees and love more flowers.
Fleurop-Interflora EBC AG

22 April, 2008

Gardening & Flowering in April

So are you looking to do something different this season? Well, do you have a garden? No? Not a problem, try joining hands with someone who has one :)
And if you do have a garden that is the best thing which has happened to you I am sure. And I know you must have been enjoying gardening really. So this is for those who do not have a garden. I will suggest you something. Meet someone who has a garden and make friends with him/her. Now, here is the real break for you this season. Try planting few flowers in there and see them bloom.
Flowers are like your children. Infact whatever you plant in your Garden would make you feel its mother. So you would think about the plant even when you might be busy during your office hours. And you are sure to go and watch the plant grow. It seems like some sort of achievement. You are delighted on the plants growth and you would feed it in the best possible way. You may, perhaps, try to lay your hands on some gardening books where you could get good advice. This is a kind of joy that you experience in seeing the seed you sow, grow.
And when the plant starts flowering. Man, you are down with happiness. Thats the best thing of your life. And you might not let anyone pluck that flower while you would think that this flower remains forever.
Did I motivate you enough to plant a seed? If yes, I will suggest you a good gardening tipper on the net. Bill, who has been a home gardener for 20 years now is pretty good at gardening tips. Take a look at what he has got for you for April.
lst week: Daffodils, Crocuses, Early Magnolias, Korean Azalea, Japanese- Andromeda, Forsythias, Cornelian-Cherries, Woodland Wildflowers, Epimediums, Flowering Cherries, Arisaemas
2nd week: Daffodils, Crocuses, Early Magnolias, Korean Azalea, Japanese-Andromeda, Forsythias, Early Azaleas, Oconee-Bells, Epimediums, Flowering Cherries, Arisaemas
3rd week: Daffodils, Magnolias, Japanese-Andromeda, Forsythias, Japanese-Quince, Early Crabapples, Flowering Cherries, Azaleas, Woodland Wildflowers, Spring-Blooming Camellias, Flowering Cherries, Redbuds, Arisaemas
4th week: Magnolias, Crabapples, Azaleas, Early Rhododendrons, Daffodils, Japanese-Quince, Arisaemas, Woodland Wildflowers, Spring-Blooming Camellias, Flowering Cherries, Lilacs, Viburnums
It seems as if all flowers grow only in April but wait, there are more to come.
Do you feel tired because of too much reading and work involve here. Let me tell you, the best bet for you is Order your flowers online.

Scarlet Wishes - $ 104.99
Angelic red roses are sweetly arranged with candies. This arrangement bursts with personality, waiting to send loving wishes to anyone.

21 April, 2008

Australian Florists Competition and Workshops

How would it be like, to watch a competition on Flower Arrangements by best florists of the town? Well, I am sure I cannot imagine the beautiful ways the florists would come up with as per the arrangements of flowers.
Competition always give a thrust in the positive sense in that there is always a need and crave to give the best in yourself. This even helps people in exploring their own talents and taking yourself to the extremes simply because you want to stay ahead of the others. Now, imagine this with some of the best florists competing openly and trying to deliver their best. Whew.. the results would be mind blowing.
This is what happened last weekend at Mackay. More than 30 florists and shop owners took part in the Mackay Florists Regional Competition and education weekend. The result was spectacular arrangements with real treat for eyes and soul.
The task was to create a Centerpiece arrangement for a Cockail party being celebrated by a couple on their first wedding anniversary. The winner – Annette German (a florist for last 8 yrs) created the arrangement with Tiger Lilies, Billy buttons and roses.
I got this news from Daily Mercury, and really appreciated the heading they put in for the news – “Its all hearts and flowers when florists battle”. Of course, that needs no mention.
The next competition is scheduled on 15 June at Brisbane.
Any takers.

19 April, 2008

Discounted Flower Delivery - Just for you!

Did you make a decision on sending flowers to your Mom this mother’s day? If yes, congratulations. If not, go ahead, I have got some cool options for you in place so as to decide and get the most of your money.
I know everyone wants to save from our hard earned money. But our relations can not be ignored. So while sending flowers online to your Mother this time, just check out fleurop.com. Fleurop has come with an exciting offer of a heart pendant. So if you are thinking of sending a gift to your mother or any loved ones, you can just by it on Fleurop and you can get a gorgeous heart pendant of sparkling crystals, made with crystallized Swarovski elements for free!
Not only this, you can even save 10% by using the code LOVEMUM when you buy flowers online for your mother. This is valid till 15th May only.
Check out their Basket Arrangement of bright flowers:

You can also save 10% with more codes. Check out the following banner:

Fleurop-Interflora EBC AG

Well if this doesnt satiate your appetite for discounts, we have Teleflora which is offering a 10% & $5 (bonus) discount on its flowers arrangements with a validity from 20th April 2008 to 26th April 2008 owing to the Secretary’s week. Secretaries week is April 20-26. Shop now and save $5 on Telefloras Butterfly Bouquets.
Teleflora has a host of choices - Pink Hydrangea,Watercolor Wonder, Nature's Garden and many more such beautiful flowers.

So hurry up and Celebrate Mom with fresh Teleflora flowers, now 10% off. !
Wishing you a happy Mothers Day!

18 April, 2008

Flowers are Blooming

Flowers are really blooming. This is what can be inferred if Mr KS Ramakrishna's business logics are to be believed. Mr KS Ramakrishna is MD, Karuturi Networks in India, which has a diversified product mix of Horticluture, ISP and Project services.
But the main focus of the company is its Horticluture segment from where 84% of the Topline is a result of the Horticlulture Business. Flowers are in demand. “We are mainly concentrating our energies on the flower business, which is more scalable, and there is a huge market out there in Continental Europe and Japan. We see a YoY demand growth as well” say Mr Ramakrishna in an interview with Moneycontrol.
And to dedicatedly work on it, Karuturi Networks has a very aggressive approach towards expansion. One good news that Karuturi would be interested in, I am sure, would be recent research by Rutgers University. Jeannette Haviland-Jones, Ph.D., director of the university’s Human Emotions Lab, Rutgers University, explored of the things which could be revealed just on account of the gift sent by someone. The research explores sending flowers, in comparison to other gifts, is a sign of the sender being a successful, caring and emotionally intelligent person!
Such researches can only be motivating for companies like Karuturi Networks who would only be impressed upon the decisions they have taken for the expansion of horticulture.
To know more about the research, visit “About flowers”
For a full interview with KS Ramakrishna, visit “Money Control”

Send flowers to Hong Kong, Australia, UK , or Send Fresh Flowers to USA for Every Ocassion .

Send Flowers Internationally this Mother's Day.

Send Mother's Day Flowers

17 April, 2008

Phipps Conservatory's Spring Flower Show.

The Phipps conservatory had a huge display of many exotic species of flowers and bulbs at the 5th Phipps Flower Show. This is a very big event for all flower lovers. This years theme was “Proverbs in Bloom”. A theme based flower arrangement was made like “After every rain, there comes a rainbow” or “Water under the bridge”.

According to Michael, Marketing & Communications Head, the preparations for the show starts at least an year in advance. They have to make sure that bulbs bloom at the right time and all sorts of arrangements starting from selecting a theme and working on it patiently takes time.

This year, the Flower Show used 9 out of 13 conservatory rooms and every room’s name is based on the name of a Flower. The Show had an approximate number of 79,000 bulbs. Of these, 20,000 bulbs are ready for display at any point of time. In addition, there were 16,000 plants.

The show ended 15th April and was a huge success especially the programs that the Show organize at the end. This is like the ‘Used Plants Sale’ where people can buy bulbs. Not that they have been used and are no more good, but they still are fresh and perfect. The program on ‘Getting your Garden ready for spring’ also turned out to be very useful for those who love gardening.

So if you think you missed out on this one. Wait till I tell you about another one coming up soon.

Here is a short video on the same. The Spring Flower Show Video.

Puffy, pink and planted in a rustic and romantic garden urn – what could be prettier than a miniature hydrangea bush, hand-delivered to Mom's front door?
Pink Hydrangea

16 April, 2008

A Take on Current Flower Delivery Promotions

Like every other Online Florist, 1800flowers.com, too is filled up with new items on Mother's day and Spring Season. This includes the New Organic & Fair Trade products, New Celebrity Gourmet Baskets (from Barefoot Contessa, Steven Raichlen & Paula Deen), New Designer bouquets & luxury items (featuring Preston Bailey & Julie Mulligan), a re-designed 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® Cosmopolitan Happy Hour Bouquet®, PLUS Martha Stewart for 1-800-FLOWERS.COM® and much much more.

1-800-FLOWERS.COM is currently promoting one of the two highest converting offers for Mother’s Day and this is on till the 28th April. So you will have to hurry, if you really need to avail this "Buy 15 Tulips, get 15 FREE + FREE Chocolates & Vase! Shop now."offer.

However, one thing that I really found amazing at 1800flowers is that they have actually categorized Mothers based upon the nature she has. So now, if you really know your Mother’s nature, you can pick up flowers as per her tastes and surprise her! What a great way of promoting a product.

So one question that you need to ask is - What Kind of Flower Matches Your Mom's Style?

And hey! If you know the answer, you can find the Flower that's Right for Your Mom's Personality!

They have published a “Flower Guide” (The 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Mother's Day Gift Guide) that helps you to choose a flower that fits your Mom's true style! That's the way to celebrate Mom for who she is! So there are flowers for the The Red Carpet Mom, The Office Mom, The Gourmet Mom, The Planet Friendly Mom, The Green Thumb Mom, The On-The-Go Mom!!!

While 1800flowers.com is more keen on aggressive Mothers day promotions, Teleflora is being very specific of the days in hand and do not want to lose an opportunity on the upcoming Secretaries Day which starts 20th April and goes on till 26th April. With 10% discount on the Secretaries Week, they expect a real boost. Check this out:

Teleflora’s “America’s Favorite Mom” is an ongoing brand promotion activity that surely is expected to boost sales this year.

FTD.com is at par of both the Florists and is offering 10% flat discount on all Flowers and gifts. Here you are for the 10% bestsellers arrangements:

Apart from it, FTD also offers $10 off on Mixed Rose Bouquet and making the price an affordable $19.99!. So you don’t have to think twice before buying a Rose Bouquet for the person you love.

Search my website well to dig all flowers promotional codes for Mother's day.

Here, I noticed that all the Online Florists have a different mode of operations. So while 1800flowers.com is very keen on Mother’s day, Teleflora is being more Niche conscious and is promoting the Secretaries week too. FTD, however, seems to gather all of us irrespective of whether it’s a Mothers day or Secretaries week by offering interesting discounts which are sure to attract many of us to FTD.

In the next post I shall discuss and bring about some Unique gift items that you could send this mother’s day!

15 April, 2008

Occassions & Flowers

Ever wondered what to send to your loved ones this season? Wait. I know the answer.. You have wondered a lot I know.. But what is something that never goes stale or out of the vogue. Of course, the flowers. You can send all kinds of flowers all the time. As per the occassion, the season, the no-season and anything that you like. This is one good thing with the flowers. Just when you decide to gift something to someone, think what could flowers do for him/her. And you will be surprised to know that everyone of us infact like flowers. So what you do even if you have come up with a gift idea - very unique. O! you may like to add a bouquet to it. What do you think? It will be more attractive and aesthetic.

1-800-FLOWERS.COMIts a season for many of us to send and receive flowers. Spring is on and spring flowers are the core attention area for many of the online florists across the world. But still 1800 flowers seem to occupy the top position followed by FTD, Teleflora, proflowers and then many small & big Online florists.

Some occassions are there for ever and flowers could bring about just what you thought to bring to your partner. Like, there are birthday flowers which would always be a part of the florist shop. Again, thank you flowers, just because flowers, new baby flowers, congratulations flowers, anniversary flowers, love and romance flowers and many such ongoing occassions that do not have a fixed date for all in particular. Then there are occassions which are fixed and which will be repeated over the years like Valentines Day on 14th February, Mothers day on 5th May, Rose Day, Fathers Day, Womens Day, Graduation days etc.

While the former keeps an Online florists' business running for the whole year round, the latter ensures that they too have a day for very hard work and celebrate for the exponentially high sales for a particular day.

So with the coming up of the Spring and Mothers day, let me share the exclusive 1800 flowers store with you:

Exclusive collection of Spring flowers - Tulips by Julie Mulligan, French countryside collection, Spring Hyacinth, bountiful baskets and more.......
Check out flowers for Spring 2008 on 1800 Flowers.com

Beautiful Collections for your Mom. Surprise her and make her smile with the colorful flowers along with the Harry London Chocolate, Pleasantly Purple assortment, the beautiful Heirloom by Preston Bailey, Pink Roses and many more....
Check out for Mothers day 2008 Collection on 1800flowers.com

In the next post I shall share some of the beautiful offers from FTD.com too when you are bound to be swiped off your feet.


11 April, 2008

Floral Ethics .. continued..

Remember what US did to Iraq and on what accounts? Well, all on economic accounts. It was all about Oil and nothing related to terrorism. This is what everyone believes and not alone me.

Whether America did the right thing or not is pretty well have been judged by the masses all across the world with no WMDs found in Iraq till date. But one thing is for sure. This way America, undoubtedly, became an inspiration to a lot of small and big conspiracies which can be masked by the face of Philanthropy. My point here to discuss US-Iraq relations and external affairs policy, is just to prove my point of the Big Hand of Economy behind every single act of most of us. For instance, the interests of Big Businessmen is always considered, before any major step is taken by the Government of any country. Whether it is the building up of new airports or development of SEZs in India, there is this Economic and Monetary background to it. Even charity shows are done to raise money.

Ethical flowers, as Arena flowers tagged it, could be a part of this thrill. Now, there are two countries involved - Holland & Kenya. It would always depend upon the mutual understanding of the two Nations, their bilateral ties and their profits over costs incurred, when an Import/export policy is formulated. Holland, being a closer nation to England and their understanding of the fact that Flowers could help their economy to a great deal, simply ties up with the English government to export all its Flower harvest of the season to them. Now what should they do so that the English companies actually buy from Holland and not from Kenya as Kenya with their long stretch of flower fields was supposed to pose a threat to Holland's cultivation with most of the Market captured by Kenya. Well, it doesnt matter to a businessman where his flowers come from as long as it meets the demand of his customers. Now something had to be done to persuade and teach the customers, rather than the companies, to buy Holland flora.
And lo! they came up with Ethical flowers. Flowers that keep our environment on a priority! So the customers are taught to buy flowers which are grown in an ethical way and hey! they come from Holland, not from Kenya. Imagine the impact that Kenya's poor economy would have to bear, in times to come.

Well, my perception of the monetary eye may be wrong but Kenya's economy is sure to suffer due to all this unless they too start growing flowers in an ethical way which I am pretty sure would involve a lot of cost to the Kenyans.

Well, the economic story ends here but the customer is the king and is the ultimate decision maker.

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Have a blessed day.