20 June, 2008

Tulips Online

Tulips are a fascination. That’s all I would say? No I wish to talk more about tulips today. After all, I have the best tulips deal on offer for you today. Tulips have a peculiar history that many of you must be knowing. However, for those who don’t know about this, my post will be useful (Hehe).

Tulips were first cultivated by the Ottoman Turks sometime long ago in around 1000 AD. Yes, by the Turks. But now no longer associated with the Turkish, Tulips have closely allied with Holland, which is claimed to be largest Tulip cultivating country in the world. Tulips are the third most popular flowers in the world next only to Roses and Chrysanthemums.

Tulips are actually Lilies with the Plant family – Liliacae. The lovely flower is a bulbous plant. Actual name of tulips is ‘Tulipa’ and it’s a genus of about 100 species of such flowering plants!!. (How many are on sale?). Guess what is it called in Turkey? ….Lale (Yes, that’s what its called). And Tulip was brought to Europe in the 16th Century.

Ok. What about the cultivation? Tulips actually originate from mountainous areas with temperate climates. They need a period of cool dormancy. The beautiful flower has 3 flowering seasons from March to May. You can find Tulips from March to May. Anything found before or after that may either be imported from somewhere or are the greenhouse tulips.

And yes, ever heard of so many people together getting crazy for a flower? Yes it was called “Tulip Mania” a frenzy that hit Europe in 1630s. Tulip Festivals are held in Netherlands, England and North America & Canada in May. In Australia, too, the flower is getting popular. The world’s largest public display of the beautiful flora happens in Netherlands only.
Tulips send a lovely meaning and is mostly coupled with the couples. Yes romanticism is the essence of Tulips. Tulips go very well with other spring flowers. A nice mix of only Tulips is a bouquet is the perfect gift you can send anyone.

Of course, Tulips are a fascination and that’s all I would say.

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17 June, 2008

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I am celebrating today as Flowers deals day. (I dont know why. But I am doing it). So here I am listing the Teleflora Promotional Codes and 1800flowers promotional offers on Same Day Delivery Flowers. Not that these are codes that you can use. But yes, the links given here are no less then the Promotional Codes that you would have got otherwise. The promotional codes would come at the top of your screen as soon as you click the link. And shall clearly instruct you about what to do with these promotional codes, once you get to the payment page of the Online Florists you click.

Also, I got a sense of Australia flowers today (weird things happening with me .. ) So I am also listing here some Gift Baskets and promotional offers for sending flowers to Australia. Also, today we have the Gift Voucher for Australia. I hope these would be useful for you.

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16 June, 2008

Andromeda Flower

The Japanese Andromeda Flower is a peculiar flora and. Andromeda is a broad-leaved evergreen Asiatic shrub with glossy leaves and drooping clusters of white flowers (commonly white flowers). The Japanese Andromeda is a shrubby evergreen heath (Pieris japonica).
The Andromeda is an Ornamental Flower that simply looks beautiful in a garden. “Heliconia Psittacorum” is another flower of the same genus which is beautiful. Pieris is a genus of about seven species of evergreen, white-flowered shrubs and small trees, of the heath family (Ericaceae), native to eastern Asia, eastern North America, and Cuba. The leaves are usually alternate, broad, leathery, lance-shaped, and toothed. The flowers, which are cylindrical or urn-shaped, have five sepals and grow in terminal or axillary (sometimes branched) position.
Now, why I am writing about a not-so-popular flower today. Simply because I noticed that people have been searching for Andromeda seeds and moreover I have been thinking of getting my readers (who are very small in numbers ) to get more educated on the flowers. Ha! What an idea.

Anyways, I have been searching for some online store to buy seeds online. But not found one yet where you can get uncommon seeds too. Japanese Andromeda Seeds are hard to find. And once I find an online store that is selling Japanese Andromeda seeds, that will be the one I am looking out to. You can however buy Heliconia Psittacorum here

With Father’s day over, I am sure you guys must have had a fun day. And I am sure you must have sent all beautiful flowers & gifts to your daddy. Brazil Valentine’s day is also over and there was a lot of fun in Brazil. I shall do a post on both of them for my friends in e-business where I shall use my analytical eye of the occasions with respect to the business done. Lets see what comes out.

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13 June, 2008

Dia dos Namorados

Hey Dia dos Namorados was 12th June, yesterday and I just couldn’t get enough time to enjoy (not the day’s festivities but my write up). Well, however, I am writing now and I am enjoying.

Brazilians don’t prefer to celebrate the Valentine’s day with the western world. The reason is that it falls on or after the Big Carnival which is from early February to March. So the date – 14th February is not just preferable. For the same reason they postpone it till 12th June. 12th June has been chosen because it falls a day before St Antony’s Day. St Antony is considered to be the marriage saint in Latin America. Many single women on St Antony’s Day perform very popular rituals in that area called Simpatias and this is to find a good husband or a boyfriend. Dia dos Namorados, I guess, is the warm up and exclusive celebration for this day.

Well, here is to my girl friend on this occasion (not a Brazilian!)

I will take you to the stars one day, or bring one to you,
You will jewel that star, or it will jewel you,

I will take you to the rainbow, or bring the rainbow to you,
You will color that rainbow, or that rainbow colors you,

I will take you to my dreams, or bring my dreams to you,
You will doll-up those dreams, or they will titivate you,

I will take you to my heart or cut my heart to you,
And every drop of blood that drips, is my tribute to you,

Darling I have always loved, and will always love you.

Here is an advise that I write in Portuguese for all lovers (translation courtesy: Babel Fish, so no offence)

Aparte de toda a conversa da estrela, você esqueceu emitir flores ou um presente para amiga? pressa indivíduos!, tempo sobre já! emita flores
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09 June, 2008

Flowers to Gift, Flowers to Eat

I wonder if you knew that there are certain varieties of flowers that are edible too. “Calendula” which is an edible flower has been named as the Herb of the Year by the Herb Society of America. The flower petals are good in cooking and nice in salads; tangy, savory flavor.

Other delicious varieties are:
Cornflower/bachelor button, or Centaurea cyanus. Used in cooking; sweet, spicy, clove-like flavor.
Daylily, or Hemerocallis species. Used in cooking; mild onion flavor.
Hibiscus, or Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. Flowers and juices used in cooking; slightly acidic taste, cranberry flavor.
Jasmine, or Jasminum - grandiflorum or sambac (Arabian jasmine). Flowers are used in cooking; great in tea; delicate sweet floral flavor. Another variety called Carolina jasmine, is poisonous. So you better beware.
Lilac, or Syringa vulgaris. Flowers used in cooking; lemony, floral flavor.
Marigold, or Tagetes tenuifolia (T. signata). Spicy, herbal or lemon flavor, depending on the variety.
Nasturium, or Tropaeolum majus. The leaves, blooms and flower buds are all used in cooking; buds are used as capers; sweet, peppery flavor.

And there are many other such flowers.

However, there are a few flowers too that should be avoided like the Carolina jasmine mentioned above. These are azalea, crocus, daffodil, foxglove, oleander, rhododendron, jack-in-the-pulpit, lily of the valley, and wisteria. (The list is not complete)

Finally, we know that Flowers are not just gifts. They have more value than you thought they have.

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07 June, 2008

Flower Olympics

Now this shall come as a great news and I am really amazed at the awareness of flowers being spread around the world. This is really a joy-filled news. Well taking cue from the Western World, the east is preparing itself for a huge flower exhibition and the initiative has been taken by Kenya.

Kenya is opening up a flower exhibition for the flower vendors on 7th June. The exhibition is called “Soko la Maua”. (I wish I knew how to pronounce that except for my own sense of pronunciation).

The exhibition is expected to be useful for all flower vendors as they are sure to learn a lot from each other. Such an exhibition gains real importance and is a much awaited event, be it any industry for that matter. Of course the exchange of ideas and intellect adds more to the common wisdom.

So if you are fortunate enough to be in Kenya visit the Village Market’s Roof Top Parking in Nairobi to catch this wonderful event (ya! That’s right ‘roof top parking’.. that’s what even I am wondering!)

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06 June, 2008

Songs, Bollywood & Flowers

I was wondering how things change. And I wondered this while watching an old Bollywood song. I remember that as a child, the Bollywood songs had too much to say with flowers. Most of the songs in the 80s had flowers playing a major role i.e. flowers here, flowers there and flowers everywhere. And this was to create an ambience of love, romance and beauty around the sets.

This has been changing from the 90s when flowers almost disappeared from the movies. Its sad. And other things replaced flowers. Bollywood started to shoot around external locations (out of India) and they grabbed the attention. Slowly and gradually the songs also have become meaningless with more beats and loud music and less lyrics.

Take a look at the beauty of these two songs. They are simply heart-capturing. Flowers, as were common in those times, had much to add to the song:

A song was even shot where the two lovers are singing of their dream to build a sweet home in a distant "flower town". Check this one too:

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05 June, 2008

Announcing Best Online Flower Deals & Gift Deals Daily

I am planning to start a Deal section on this Blog apart from the latest News Section. This deal section would essentially comprise of a single best deal that really enchanted me. Of course, this shall be the best flowers deal available online. I plan to research more and more on the Online Flowers segment and offer you with lots of opportunities to buy flowers online and strike a best deal.

So here its is today, The Best Online Flowers Deal of the day: courtesy Online Florists.

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Contains following features:
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 Artistically designed in a classic glass vase; measures 8"H
 Components may vary (to be noted)
 Large arrangement measures approximately 18"H x 14"D
 Medium measures approximately 18"H x 13"D

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04 June, 2008

Flowers Lessons – I

Ever wondered what a Flower actually is?
“the part of a seed plant that normally bears reproductive organs” Period.

It was amusing for me that Flowers to which we relate for Love, Purity, Sensuality, Friendship and all sort of good things will ever have any relation to Reproduction! But that’s true, a flower is nothing but a reproductive organ of the plant.

However, flowers are lovely and these reproductive organs form a very beautiful gift (ah! That’s coarse. Isn’t it?) But then that’s the truth.

Anyhow, I write today a lesson on understanding flowers starting from very basic steps. Do I have to talk about why are flowers needed? Its clear from the definition above. However, the human explanation would much vary from the scientific one. Flowers are basically needed in our lives to inculcate freshness in the garden, as ornamental objects in our homes and as a gift to present someone. A souvenir from a lover.

Apart from the parts of the flowers – Petals, Sepals, Stigma & Stamen, Petals are the most popular and widely known and used term. Petals are the leafy kinds that surround the actual reproductive parts of the flower.

Now the most popular of the flowers is Rose. Check this out:

It’s the definition of beauty.

Other flowers worth mentioning here are:


Gerbera Daisies

These are some of the flowers that are looked for while making flower arrangements. Each flower is a beauty in itself and has many species where the arrangements of Petals or sepals may differ giving these varieties myriad shapes and forms and adding beauty to their beautiful nature.

Cala Lilies are mind blowing. See for yourself:

And yes how can I forget the Tulips, they are simply the best flowers that you will ever find.

Apart from these basic flowers, there is whole huge range for Tropical Flowers which you may not find easily. However much in demand. I shall talk about Tropical Flowers in subsequent posts. But prior to that there is more deeper look at these basic varieties on the seasonality and more beautiful varieties.

It will be interesting if some you could just share pictures of these basic varieties with me and I shall be glad to post them in my next write-up.

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02 June, 2008

Flowers of Love

I read the story of three beautiful ladies who were brought to life from being flowers. And I was touched by the sensibility that this story carries. The story is called The Story of Two Shepherdesses,the Blonde and the Brunette: and of a Queen of France. The Blond and the Brunette Shepherdesses are Bleuette and Coquelicot, the prettiest girls around for whom even the crickets, birds, wind and all humans, livings and non-livings loved. Apart, they had two boyfriends - Lucas & Blaise deeply in love.

It was during the time when super old Humpback Judge and a bald Squire compel them to marry themselves. They used soldiers to take the girls away and the lovers of both of them faint. While the soldiers could drag the girls with themselves, the Queen happens to pass through the way and found the two pretty girls sunk in tears. The Queen herself was 'Lily' and came out to be an old friend of the girls who was long ago happy with her solitude was proposed by the King of France whom she married and from then went unhappy, lost her solitude and privacy. She weeps with them after she send away the two crooked oldies back to home and grieves over her situation. Here are some excerpts of her grief that Lily shares with Bleuette and Coquelicot –

“........Remember,’ said she, ‘that true greatness and genuine purity can live
only in solitude. Take pattern from the lily, my child. We acknowledge its
beauty, chiefly because that to its beauty, it joins an air of guileless
innocence, which charms the heart.........’

..........“How much I
regret the time when, yet a simple flower, I was the cherished symbol of
innocence! Then was I strown in the path of virgins and chaste brides. Angel
messengers from heaven would stop a while to repose among my petals, and on the
morrow, taking me along in their arms, would present me to men, as a fresh
pledge of the good tidings which they came to announce. Then I lived on air, on
light and sunshine. My nights were passed in looking at the stars, and in the
intoxicating delights of those confused murmurs which one hears in the shade: --
whilst now” –.....

and after the two of them die, there comes a school master who passes through the cemetery..

...... he stops to cull flowers from the tomb of the two victims. “My dear
children,” he says to his pupils, while he shows them the bluebottle and the
cornpoppy, -- “this one signifies delicacy, and the other, consolation.” These
are two qualities, that have no very direct connection with the story which we
relate to you. But we must give up in the presence of the master. He knows
better than we do the language of flowers. And yet the young folks of the
village take a pleasure, when they have a chance, in twitching his queue, and
playing other pranks upon him.....
Lovely Story.. Aint it? Do you have more such stories to share?

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