02 May, 2008

Mother's Day - Flowers, Gifts or Both?

With just 9 days left to go for Mothers day, every e-business has pulled up its socks to encash the happy moments. And why not, an occasion is an occasion for happiness and joy only when everyone looks happy. So whether you a businessmen who is rejoicing on account of more sales this Mother’s day or a child who is rejoicing that you got yet another chance to show your Mom that you really care and all that happened last year was not really what you meant or even if you are a Mom who is expecting and waiting for your Son’s/Daughter’s call because its been a long time that you have spoken and you are happy that the time is again yet here when you would cook for your children the same delicious food that they have always liked or even if you are a blogger who is happy because you write on flowers and with mothers day round the corner, you expect more visitors this time on your blog (I am no different ;) )

So everyone is rejoicing and there is an excitement in the air. I remember the last time when I sent my Mom a bouquet, she was in tears. Well, those were the tears of joy. And I have always wanted my Mom to be the happiest creature of the universe with the reason of happiness being me.

What I think is that there is no gift more worth on a Mother’s day than a one to one talk of mother and child about the spent last year. And reflections and a dinner together . However, we have turned out to be more materialistic no matter even if its subconsciously. We know that to show how much we love our mother, we do not have to necessarily send her flowers or gifts or anything. She knows it even if we do not send her anything. But our heart keeps arguing and we think of ways to send her gifts and unique gifts on mothers day. Well, as long as it surprises her, its good. I mean surprises are always good and keeps someone very excited about the whole thing, the whole day.

But flowers are a great gift I tell you. Flowers are always looked upon as a cherry on the cake. So let me ask you guys out there that what actually have you decided upon as a gift on Mothers day for your Mom this time? Now before you do that, just ask yourself one question – is it going to catch your Mother by surprise? If you get a ‘yes’, I am sure it’s a cool idea. If you get a 50-50 or a ‘No’, get thinking buddy again.

Let me guess what would surprise anyone’s mom. Well, a holiday!! To a cool destination somewhere far! Wow! I am sure she is going to love it.

Or may be something that would bring out the emotions. Like something you know that she need and is waiting for something to buy it someday. Well I know you also do not want to make it very expensive. So may be a book about something which she is really interested in and has talked about when you last spoke to her. You can actually gift it to your Mom this time.

But one thing that is a must on Mothers day is flowers. So if you have come up with a gift idea or have NOT come up with a gift idea just give this a thought that you can always Celebrate Mom with fresh flowers from Teleflora. Order today and Save 15%.

Happy Mother’s day.

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