06 May, 2008

Cinco de Mayo - 5th May, Mexico

I came across Cinco de Mayo, although a day later. For those who do not know about Cinco de Mayo, what do you think you know about the world? (After I know about it I can say this ;))
Hold on, I will tell you what Cinco de Mayo is. While Cinco de Mayo is a celebration for Mexicans, it is celebrated alike by both Americans & Mexicans. It’s a joyous celebration and commemorates a joyful moment in History of Mexico when Mexicans defended their independence against an insurmountable army in 1862 of Europe. It’s a fiesta day in US and Mexico and more than 50% of Americans argue that it should be declared a holiday in the US too since its celebrated with equal enthusiasm as in Mexico. Well, I agree.

There is Singing, Dancing & Dinners all across Mexico on this special day and people exchange gifts.

So cheer up on this occasion and dance more cause that’s one thing which make you forget the world and its worries. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

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