29 July, 2008

Teleflora Summer Bouquet Specials

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21 July, 2008

Carnations & Carnations Flower Deals.

Fascination, distinction and love. Whats one word for the three? Well, Carnations! Yeah.

Carnations have a holy history among the Christian believers who believe that Carnations came to earth when Jesus carried the cross and Mother Mary wept on her son. Her tears made Carnations bloom. Historically - carnations are said to have been used in Greek times for art and d├ęcor and the Greeks used them in Garlands.

Scientifically – Carnations are called Dianthus Caryophyllus from the Greek words – Dios, which means Zeus (a Greek god) and Anthus, which means flowers. Collectively meaning ‘Flower of Gods’.

Morphologically – Carnations vary in morphology based upon the cultivars – Large Flowered Carnations, Spray Carnations (with lots of smaller flowers) and Dwarf flowered Carnations (several small flowers on one stem).

Carnations bloom for long - as long as they are given few hours of Sun daily and are kept moist but not overwatered (it turns the foliage yellow)

Carnations range from colors of white to light red to deep red, to pink to purple to yellow and to green each having its own importance and meaning. Though white, light red, deep red and pink are obvious meanings of purity and luck, admiration, deep love and Mother’s love, Green refers to St Patrick’s day, Purple to capriciousness and Yellow to disappointement and dejection. So the next time you send flowers to your love, check out the meaning first lest you send her the yellows.

Now the big thing about Carnations – Carnations got an official recognition as the Mother’s Day flowers in early 20th century. Miss Anna Jarvis, considered as the Founder of the Mother’s day, sent Carnations since her Mom loved carnations! And we have been celebrating the same way. The ruffled appearance is what is the most striking feature of a carnation.

Well, Mother’s Day will be 11th May and make sure your Pink carnations (Mama’s love) are blooming then. However, for now Catch out my Big Flower Deal of the day:

Make a Wish by Teleflora at Just USD 29.99
A summery mix of yellow daisy chrysanthemums; purple asters and hot pink and orange carnations arranged in a clear ginger vase and adorned with a cheerful yellow plaid bow will make their wishes come true!


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