19 May, 2008

Memorial Day Flowers

I happened to come across Afandi's blog just a while ago. I dont know him anymore than you would after reading his blog. Not that he has written something very extraordinary but what I found is that he is surely thinking of doing something away from the norms. His latest blog is something that I think is pretty true - in the sense that nobody wants to listen to you or know about you. Even then, millions of us, lessers, write blogs daily, and update them very religiously, thinking that we will definitely find someone who will read our thoughts. And maybe leave a comment, which is likely to bring immense joy to us.

However, other than all the above talks, sadly, Mother's day is over now and many businesses who were involved with the preparations for Mother's day got relieved now. But not for long, as there are a host of other occasions lined up (with flowers as protagonist). Like, there is Memorial Day just round the corner now which makes us remember the sacrifice of so many soldiers. Lets take a peep into the history of Memorial Day before I tell you which flowers would suit for Memorial Day.

Memorial Day commemorates the sacrifice of Thousand of American Soldiers who died in the American Civil War. It is observed on the last Monday of May all over the United States and is a United Stated Federal Holiday. Accordingly, this year the Memorial Day falls on the 26th May.

Also, known as the decoration day, the Memorial Day began first to honor Union soldiers who died during the American Civil War but after World War I it was expanded to include those who died in any war or military action. The day is observed by all by visiting cemetaries and memorials and placing flowers on the graves.
The southeastern U.S. observes Decoration Day the Sunday before Memorial Day. It is a day to decorate the graves of all family members, and it is not reserved for those who served in the military.
Do you wish to show respect for the sacrifice of all soldiers. Well you can really do so by buying some flowers and visiting a cemetary to place them. These beautiful flowers

shall definitely push up the spirits. Available at just $39.99 and available same day. Order for these flowers. The colors are significant of the peace that is needed to observe at this occasion. The mix of white and green is really beautiful and expressive.

Let me also give you a discount Prmotional Code on flowers in case you find something better of your choice in more than $59.95. With the code "BM10", you save $10.00. Thats not bad, even if it means saving a single dollar.

Check out more such beautiful designs of flowers for Memorial day here

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