15 September, 2009

Sears Additional Discount Coupon Codes

I don't see any reason for this discounting but here is a good deal for people who are looking forward to buying a Panasonic TV. 2 great offers from Sears with a time-limit. Since these expire on 19th Sep, you have to be a little quick in making a decision. I am sure these offers will only help you making one.

a. PANASONIC 50" 720P PLASMA HDTV: Normal Sears offer is $100 savings. This TV sells at $999.99 -- At Sears.com, you get at $899.99. And with Coupon Code TOUCHDOWN, you get at just $719.99!!

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b. PANASONIC 50" 1080P PLASMA HDTV: Normal Sears offer is $100 savings. This TV sells at $999.99 -- At Sears.com, you get at $899.99. And with Coupon Code TOUCHDOWN, you get at just $899.99!!

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13 September, 2009

Gardening 101 for Novice Gardeners

If you are a novice gardener who have just started out or are planning to start out, here is some piece of advice on what flowers could you choose for your start up and the combinations that would really look good.
I would say there are many and my research clearly reveals that you are not short of choices here. for instance, you can choose from flowers like Honeysuckle, hostas, lavender, azaelea bushes, hydrangias, burning bushes, elephant ears etc, simply because these flowers involve light maintenence and will bloom again in spring. Similarly you could also opt for Rhododendrons or black eyed susans which are good, beautiful and easy to take care of. Trying some herbs is also a good idea.
If colors fascinate you, you can also try Day Lilies which come in a number of colors. Most of the maintenence tips for these flowers can be gotten by where you would buy saplings or seeds.

Daisy's, black eyed Susan's, Karl foerester grass, Stargazer Lilies, autumn joy sedum thrive well in sunny areas. As for me, Stargazers are my all time favorites.

Another great flower to plant will be 4 O clocks. They bloom everyday at 4 PM and therefore the name.

11 September, 2009

Flowers for Winter Weddings

If you have been thinking of choosing flowers for a wedding in winters, you a lot of beautiful choices. Flowers, like alstromeria, amaryllis, carnation. chrysanthemums, gerbera daisy, lily, narcissus, orchid, or statice are all winter flowers. Pink is normally the preferred choice for weddings and most of these flowers are available in light pink.

Even white roses are good when it comes to winters as they match with the snow around you. You may even prefer roses but they could be pretty expensive for your budget.

You could even opt for willow branches that smell nice and comes in pink. Do check for spring flowers, they might actually be available during winters. Also, hyacinths are a great choice too.

A more popular flower is Sweetpeas (that come in white and pink) and considered to be a feminine flower, a good complement to roses and very sweet. Another option could be Gardenia.

With so many varieties in hand it is really justified to get confused on which flowers to actually pick ;)

Google gets bigger

Just an observation from yesterday's search and internet usage - Google has turned its text bigger than before. Now, the text that we type in the Google search box will be larger than what it used to be earlier. So people like me who have been thinking that this is a temporary gliche of the system that may have happened due to some change in settings are wrong and should now get into the habit of seeing a larger text.

IMO, I dont see any reason to enlarge the text when your logo is still the same size. It looks a little out of order but may be google is just experimenting. Lately there have been a lot of experiments in Google. Whatever happened to Google caffeine.