22 April, 2008

Gardening & Flowering in April

So are you looking to do something different this season? Well, do you have a garden? No? Not a problem, try joining hands with someone who has one :)
And if you do have a garden that is the best thing which has happened to you I am sure. And I know you must have been enjoying gardening really. So this is for those who do not have a garden. I will suggest you something. Meet someone who has a garden and make friends with him/her. Now, here is the real break for you this season. Try planting few flowers in there and see them bloom.
Flowers are like your children. Infact whatever you plant in your Garden would make you feel its mother. So you would think about the plant even when you might be busy during your office hours. And you are sure to go and watch the plant grow. It seems like some sort of achievement. You are delighted on the plants growth and you would feed it in the best possible way. You may, perhaps, try to lay your hands on some gardening books where you could get good advice. This is a kind of joy that you experience in seeing the seed you sow, grow.
And when the plant starts flowering. Man, you are down with happiness. Thats the best thing of your life. And you might not let anyone pluck that flower while you would think that this flower remains forever.
Did I motivate you enough to plant a seed? If yes, I will suggest you a good gardening tipper on the net. Bill, who has been a home gardener for 20 years now is pretty good at gardening tips. Take a look at what he has got for you for April.
lst week: Daffodils, Crocuses, Early Magnolias, Korean Azalea, Japanese- Andromeda, Forsythias, Cornelian-Cherries, Woodland Wildflowers, Epimediums, Flowering Cherries, Arisaemas
2nd week: Daffodils, Crocuses, Early Magnolias, Korean Azalea, Japanese-Andromeda, Forsythias, Early Azaleas, Oconee-Bells, Epimediums, Flowering Cherries, Arisaemas
3rd week: Daffodils, Magnolias, Japanese-Andromeda, Forsythias, Japanese-Quince, Early Crabapples, Flowering Cherries, Azaleas, Woodland Wildflowers, Spring-Blooming Camellias, Flowering Cherries, Redbuds, Arisaemas
4th week: Magnolias, Crabapples, Azaleas, Early Rhododendrons, Daffodils, Japanese-Quince, Arisaemas, Woodland Wildflowers, Spring-Blooming Camellias, Flowering Cherries, Lilacs, Viburnums
It seems as if all flowers grow only in April but wait, there are more to come.
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