25 April, 2008

An Online Florist with Worldwide Flower Delivery Services - A Take

Flora 2000 offers flowers in 156 countries. Thats more than any other online florist that I have come across. Moreover they have a very neat interface that makes you comfortable while choosing flowers of your choice. Basically, meaning that they do not stuff up their web pages with unnecessary promotions of all sorts. They have certain very clear cut objectives and deliverables that are mentioned on their site.

However, one thing that I would suggest to anyone who is buying flowers online or purchasing anything online for that matter is that when you are at the Payment Page, do take some time to review the Terms n Conditions attached to the Payment process. Sometimes these terms and conditions may change with the product selected by you. So now,if you go till the payment page of flora2000, and you want that the flowers you are sending reach the destination on 11th May i.e. Mother’s day, simply because you really want the special gift and flowes reach your Mom on that very day, then Flora2000 is not your choice. They have clearly mentioned at the payment page that all flowers scheduled for 11th May shall be sent either on 9th May or the 10th. I spoke to a Flora2000 executive and she confirmed this saying that their floral outlets would remain close on Sunday.

Now I am really doubtful, if they would make money here which they would have made otherwise. Well but this has two sided implications as I see it – a positive and a negative.
About the Negative, many people might leave the site just because they wanted their flowers to reach on the 11th May only and not later or sooner. Also, many of them might not turn back again to this Online Florist. The other negative aspect would be when some of the buyers would not actually see the terms and conditions and book their flowers ignoring the message they have displayed and expecting their flowers to be delivered on the 11th only just to find out later that they were delivered a day before! This would further lead to confusions and people trying to sue the innocent florist.

The positive aspect of it is that we now know that flora2000 is very clear in its commitments and that closing the shop on Sunday of 11th May means that they believe in delivering only fresh flowers. Well this is a feather in the cap.

Btw, the thing is that if you are still looking forward to send flowers through flora2000 – I shall suggest you some real cool bouquet. Check out here for Mother’s day:

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