28 April, 2008

Searching "Online Flower Delivery" at Google

Let me talk of Sites like iflowers.com. What is it that they achieve. for those who do not know about iflowers, let me briefly explain.When we google "Online Flower Delivery", the first website that comes up on the organic SERP is iflowers.com. Now what exactly is this site doing?

Before that let me ask you a question: When you type in such a key phrase in Google, what could possibly be your aim? Well, I am sure your interest is to send flowers by ordering them online to your friends or family and actually you want to look for some oprtions that are available on the internet to send flowers to someone. And you look forward to send original & natural flowers (thats something understood).Now as you type in the search term "Online Flower Delivery" and hit the enter key in Google, there is iflowers.com at the Top position. Going inside, we find a bad looking interface which is pretty repelling with no imgaes whatsoever. The color combination is murky and dis-interesting that you will immediately lose interest. Further to your disappointment, the site dont even sell real flowers, it sells everything virtually i.e. e-cardsd, e-flowers, e-gifts and all es.

Well, this is pretty amusing. Now this website has no doubt done a lot of work on the optimisation using same keywords, keyphrases and content as is needed for a real florist but then what does it achieve.The way such websites earn is still a mystery to me but for one thing I am sure that they are in this way able to collect a lot of traffic. Since these are content based websites, they can be optimised easily. However, a real florists website is more of images based and not text based so an optimisation is actually not possible that early.But inspite of the traffic that this virtual florist must be receiving, I doubt if people are going to spend much time on this site. A person looking for real flowers is sure to close the browser window rather than send virtual flowers instead! So the average time spent per person on this website shall be very low. However, this would not matter because what I really think is that such websites are not here to promote their e-gifts, e-cards or e-flowers but to push-thrust their master (which is a real florists website) further on the search engines by linking to them.

Yes, iflowers is linked to 1800florals.So that at least 10% of the traffic who are about to close the browser window would definitely cross check if a link for real flowers is given or not and they shall find it.

So thats another way of looking at it. Unless someone among you make me understand how do websites like iflowers.com earn, I think this is their prime goal.

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