23 April, 2008

Flowers & Flowers

I have some special news about the ongoing administrative Professional Week. It has been revealed or lets say realised that flowers make great desk gifts. Pam Cyboron, the owner of Corum’s flowers and Greenhouse on 639 Fifth Ave assures to bring a lot of blooming plants this season. She believes that people like them since they last longer.
On similar notes, the owner of Bloom Works, 138 W. Broadway, Alisa Roth promises to bring of some annual flowers in little Gerber pots if a desk size item is being looked for!
Fresh flowers in decorative eyes would just make a perfect gift for you. Read more about this at Zwire

Now here is something of interest for Hampshire and the surrounds. Though the cold persists, the flowers sing a different story. Well the singing flowers are those of May. Blooming in early April, these flowers have kept everyone amazed by their early arrivals. The Hawthorn and Bluebells that are the flowers from May are seen pretty earlier this year!
Says Dr Kate Lewthwaite, manager of the woodland Trust’s Nature’s Calendar project that a significant advancement has been noticed of teh spring flower species like Hawthorn in line with annual temperatures. Read at Dailymail UK

Now, is this a matter to rejoice or a matter of concern?. Well global warming has it effects on every thing that you cn possibly think of. While flowers are good to arrive early but the glabal warming is definitely not. The arrival of early summers is definitely not a reason to be happy. Lets join hands to check this global warming. Lets plant more trees and love more flowers.
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