24 April, 2008

Online Florist, US - A comparison on rates

Let me talk about the ongoing promotions at all flower delivery online stores today. This shall help you choose an Online florist of your choice rather than checking out each website to do it for yourself.
Let me keep myself restricted to the price being offered rather than going into the detail of the flower arrangements simply because at every online florists all flower arrangements are beautiful. There is no arrangement that you can really call bad.
Ongoing promotions at 1800
1. Organica and Natural Gifts Baskets, $99.99
2. Birthday Blooms starting at $19.99
3. Casablanca Jardinier at $49.99 for Administrative professionals week
4. Martha's Spring Bouquet $74.59 Spring Flower Bouquet
5. Designer flowers collection on Mother's day @ $ 75.00 by Julie Mulligan
6. Mother's day. Order early and save upto 40%. Mothers embrace @ $ 79.99


1. Admin Prof Week by Todd Oldham @ $62.99
2. Mother's day: $ 49.99
3. Birthday: $ 39.99 The FTD Natural Wonders Bouquet.
4. Roses:$ 29.99 Gentle Memories Mother’s day roses.
Banner Promotions at FTD
spring garden bouquet: $ 39.99
laura ashley bouquet: $ 59.99
thank you bouquet: $ 36.99
Textual Promotion at FTD
Order early and asave upto 40%

1. Mother's day - no mention on Home Page Tulips for Mom at $24.99. Going deeper – Mom’s delight at $29.99
2. Birthday bouquet - $ 29.99 comprise 20 Blue Iris.
3. Administrative professional week - no mention. Digging deeper gives a 100 blooms of Peruvian Lilies at $19.99
A side banner, however, keep coming up with the various designs for flowers - with all kinds flower arrangements like 3 dozen purple carnations at $ 39.99.
Unlike other florists, proflowers does not seem to offer 40% discounts.

America's favourite Mom - Hot promotion category.
Secretaries week, enchanted promotion, mother's day with flower bouquet sliding in a flash programme in a striped window just below their hot promotional banner on the home page that eats up almost the whole space.
For Secratries Week, we have make a wish bouquet – cute with glass vase and beautiful colourful assortment of sunshine flowers. $ 29.99
The enchanted offer gives you $5 back on the purchase of a Bouquet + DVD.
On Mother’s day, you can buy Teleflora’s Victorian Teacup Bouquet @ $39.95! This one is really great with multicoloured roses matched with the color of the vase.

A very simple site offering simple banner romotions. You may not like the look and feel of the website. They have made it all green which does not even look great.
But they are offering very nice discounts on their products with $10.00 on every product above $50.
Special Flowers start at just $ 29.99
A very simple interface, however, which does not confuse you to anything.
I noticed that Birthday flowers are being promoted by almost each online florist! This is due to the reason that there are around 819362 Birthdays per day all across the US.
Well as per my personal opinion, FTD has some cool designs that would really take you of the floor.
However, if you are looking for a pretty flower bouquet and do not want much hassles during buying check out flower.com

1800 flowers.com seem to cash in more on their gifts category and quality exclusive flower bouquet for that matter.
They have actually selected and dedicated one designer florist to each of their categories and attaching a brand tag makes it look elegant. Best for the Brand conscious people.

However, for the brand conscious, that's not it, they have FTD.com too that has pretty nice designs to offer. Their arrangements are simple and yet graceful.
Laura Ashley Bouquet is superb and they seem to have concentrated on making all bouquet deliverable on almost all occasions with no hassles of segmenting it into categories.
Teleflora is more involved in its hot promotion for America's Favorite Mom, a contest that they are ready to shell around $250,000 for the winner. They are even playing a videa for the same.
The flowers are beutiful but do not clearly mention the price on the Home page.

Proflowers also have kept their homepage very simple and not actuall crowding it with too many promotions or product images. They are also running all the promotions and their price are really really competitive.

The best buy, however, would be FTD pink Lily Bouquet at $39.99. Look svery peaceful nice and beautiful. Best suited for Mother's day.Or the Laura Ashley Bouquet @ $59.99 best suited for an elegant Mom.

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