17 April, 2008

Phipps Conservatory's Spring Flower Show.

The Phipps conservatory had a huge display of many exotic species of flowers and bulbs at the 5th Phipps Flower Show. This is a very big event for all flower lovers. This years theme was “Proverbs in Bloom”. A theme based flower arrangement was made like “After every rain, there comes a rainbow” or “Water under the bridge”.

According to Michael, Marketing & Communications Head, the preparations for the show starts at least an year in advance. They have to make sure that bulbs bloom at the right time and all sorts of arrangements starting from selecting a theme and working on it patiently takes time.

This year, the Flower Show used 9 out of 13 conservatory rooms and every room’s name is based on the name of a Flower. The Show had an approximate number of 79,000 bulbs. Of these, 20,000 bulbs are ready for display at any point of time. In addition, there were 16,000 plants.

The show ended 15th April and was a huge success especially the programs that the Show organize at the end. This is like the ‘Used Plants Sale’ where people can buy bulbs. Not that they have been used and are no more good, but they still are fresh and perfect. The program on ‘Getting your Garden ready for spring’ also turned out to be very useful for those who love gardening.

So if you think you missed out on this one. Wait till I tell you about another one coming up soon.

Here is a short video on the same. The Spring Flower Show Video.

Puffy, pink and planted in a rustic and romantic garden urn – what could be prettier than a miniature hydrangea bush, hand-delivered to Mom's front door?
Pink Hydrangea

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