11 April, 2008

Floral Ethics .. continued..

Remember what US did to Iraq and on what accounts? Well, all on economic accounts. It was all about Oil and nothing related to terrorism. This is what everyone believes and not alone me.

Whether America did the right thing or not is pretty well have been judged by the masses all across the world with no WMDs found in Iraq till date. But one thing is for sure. This way America, undoubtedly, became an inspiration to a lot of small and big conspiracies which can be masked by the face of Philanthropy. My point here to discuss US-Iraq relations and external affairs policy, is just to prove my point of the Big Hand of Economy behind every single act of most of us. For instance, the interests of Big Businessmen is always considered, before any major step is taken by the Government of any country. Whether it is the building up of new airports or development of SEZs in India, there is this Economic and Monetary background to it. Even charity shows are done to raise money.

Ethical flowers, as Arena flowers tagged it, could be a part of this thrill. Now, there are two countries involved - Holland & Kenya. It would always depend upon the mutual understanding of the two Nations, their bilateral ties and their profits over costs incurred, when an Import/export policy is formulated. Holland, being a closer nation to England and their understanding of the fact that Flowers could help their economy to a great deal, simply ties up with the English government to export all its Flower harvest of the season to them. Now what should they do so that the English companies actually buy from Holland and not from Kenya as Kenya with their long stretch of flower fields was supposed to pose a threat to Holland's cultivation with most of the Market captured by Kenya. Well, it doesnt matter to a businessman where his flowers come from as long as it meets the demand of his customers. Now something had to be done to persuade and teach the customers, rather than the companies, to buy Holland flora.
And lo! they came up with Ethical flowers. Flowers that keep our environment on a priority! So the customers are taught to buy flowers which are grown in an ethical way and hey! they come from Holland, not from Kenya. Imagine the impact that Kenya's poor economy would have to bear, in times to come.

Well, my perception of the monetary eye may be wrong but Kenya's economy is sure to suffer due to all this unless they too start growing flowers in an ethical way which I am pretty sure would involve a lot of cost to the Kenyans.

Well, the economic story ends here but the customer is the king and is the ultimate decision maker.

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Have a blessed day.

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