06 June, 2008

Songs, Bollywood & Flowers

I was wondering how things change. And I wondered this while watching an old Bollywood song. I remember that as a child, the Bollywood songs had too much to say with flowers. Most of the songs in the 80s had flowers playing a major role i.e. flowers here, flowers there and flowers everywhere. And this was to create an ambience of love, romance and beauty around the sets.

This has been changing from the 90s when flowers almost disappeared from the movies. Its sad. And other things replaced flowers. Bollywood started to shoot around external locations (out of India) and they grabbed the attention. Slowly and gradually the songs also have become meaningless with more beats and loud music and less lyrics.

Take a look at the beauty of these two songs. They are simply heart-capturing. Flowers, as were common in those times, had much to add to the song:

A song was even shot where the two lovers are singing of their dream to build a sweet home in a distant "flower town". Check this one too:

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