02 June, 2008

Flowers of Love

I read the story of three beautiful ladies who were brought to life from being flowers. And I was touched by the sensibility that this story carries. The story is called The Story of Two Shepherdesses,the Blonde and the Brunette: and of a Queen of France. The Blond and the Brunette Shepherdesses are Bleuette and Coquelicot, the prettiest girls around for whom even the crickets, birds, wind and all humans, livings and non-livings loved. Apart, they had two boyfriends - Lucas & Blaise deeply in love.

It was during the time when super old Humpback Judge and a bald Squire compel them to marry themselves. They used soldiers to take the girls away and the lovers of both of them faint. While the soldiers could drag the girls with themselves, the Queen happens to pass through the way and found the two pretty girls sunk in tears. The Queen herself was 'Lily' and came out to be an old friend of the girls who was long ago happy with her solitude was proposed by the King of France whom she married and from then went unhappy, lost her solitude and privacy. She weeps with them after she send away the two crooked oldies back to home and grieves over her situation. Here are some excerpts of her grief that Lily shares with Bleuette and Coquelicot –

“........Remember,’ said she, ‘that true greatness and genuine purity can live
only in solitude. Take pattern from the lily, my child. We acknowledge its
beauty, chiefly because that to its beauty, it joins an air of guileless
innocence, which charms the heart.........’

..........“How much I
regret the time when, yet a simple flower, I was the cherished symbol of
innocence! Then was I strown in the path of virgins and chaste brides. Angel
messengers from heaven would stop a while to repose among my petals, and on the
morrow, taking me along in their arms, would present me to men, as a fresh
pledge of the good tidings which they came to announce. Then I lived on air, on
light and sunshine. My nights were passed in looking at the stars, and in the
intoxicating delights of those confused murmurs which one hears in the shade: --
whilst now” –.....

and after the two of them die, there comes a school master who passes through the cemetery..

...... he stops to cull flowers from the tomb of the two victims. “My dear
children,” he says to his pupils, while he shows them the bluebottle and the
cornpoppy, -- “this one signifies delicacy, and the other, consolation.” These
are two qualities, that have no very direct connection with the story which we
relate to you. But we must give up in the presence of the master. He knows
better than we do the language of flowers. And yet the young folks of the
village take a pleasure, when they have a chance, in twitching his queue, and
playing other pranks upon him.....
Lovely Story.. Aint it? Do you have more such stories to share?

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