07 June, 2008

Flower Olympics

Now this shall come as a great news and I am really amazed at the awareness of flowers being spread around the world. This is really a joy-filled news. Well taking cue from the Western World, the east is preparing itself for a huge flower exhibition and the initiative has been taken by Kenya.

Kenya is opening up a flower exhibition for the flower vendors on 7th June. The exhibition is called “Soko la Maua”. (I wish I knew how to pronounce that except for my own sense of pronunciation).

The exhibition is expected to be useful for all flower vendors as they are sure to learn a lot from each other. Such an exhibition gains real importance and is a much awaited event, be it any industry for that matter. Of course the exchange of ideas and intellect adds more to the common wisdom.

So if you are fortunate enough to be in Kenya visit the Village Market’s Roof Top Parking in Nairobi to catch this wonderful event (ya! That’s right ‘roof top parking’.. that’s what even I am wondering!)

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