13 June, 2008

Dia dos Namorados

Hey Dia dos Namorados was 12th June, yesterday and I just couldn’t get enough time to enjoy (not the day’s festivities but my write up). Well, however, I am writing now and I am enjoying.

Brazilians don’t prefer to celebrate the Valentine’s day with the western world. The reason is that it falls on or after the Big Carnival which is from early February to March. So the date – 14th February is not just preferable. For the same reason they postpone it till 12th June. 12th June has been chosen because it falls a day before St Antony’s Day. St Antony is considered to be the marriage saint in Latin America. Many single women on St Antony’s Day perform very popular rituals in that area called Simpatias and this is to find a good husband or a boyfriend. Dia dos Namorados, I guess, is the warm up and exclusive celebration for this day.

Well, here is to my girl friend on this occasion (not a Brazilian!)

I will take you to the stars one day, or bring one to you,
You will jewel that star, or it will jewel you,

I will take you to the rainbow, or bring the rainbow to you,
You will color that rainbow, or that rainbow colors you,

I will take you to my dreams, or bring my dreams to you,
You will doll-up those dreams, or they will titivate you,

I will take you to my heart or cut my heart to you,
And every drop of blood that drips, is my tribute to you,

Darling I have always loved, and will always love you.

Here is an advise that I write in Portuguese for all lovers (translation courtesy: Babel Fish, so no offence)

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