04 June, 2008

Flowers Lessons – I

Ever wondered what a Flower actually is?
“the part of a seed plant that normally bears reproductive organs” Period.

It was amusing for me that Flowers to which we relate for Love, Purity, Sensuality, Friendship and all sort of good things will ever have any relation to Reproduction! But that’s true, a flower is nothing but a reproductive organ of the plant.

However, flowers are lovely and these reproductive organs form a very beautiful gift (ah! That’s coarse. Isn’t it?) But then that’s the truth.

Anyhow, I write today a lesson on understanding flowers starting from very basic steps. Do I have to talk about why are flowers needed? Its clear from the definition above. However, the human explanation would much vary from the scientific one. Flowers are basically needed in our lives to inculcate freshness in the garden, as ornamental objects in our homes and as a gift to present someone. A souvenir from a lover.

Apart from the parts of the flowers – Petals, Sepals, Stigma & Stamen, Petals are the most popular and widely known and used term. Petals are the leafy kinds that surround the actual reproductive parts of the flower.

Now the most popular of the flowers is Rose. Check this out:

It’s the definition of beauty.

Other flowers worth mentioning here are:


Gerbera Daisies

These are some of the flowers that are looked for while making flower arrangements. Each flower is a beauty in itself and has many species where the arrangements of Petals or sepals may differ giving these varieties myriad shapes and forms and adding beauty to their beautiful nature.

Cala Lilies are mind blowing. See for yourself:

And yes how can I forget the Tulips, they are simply the best flowers that you will ever find.

Apart from these basic flowers, there is whole huge range for Tropical Flowers which you may not find easily. However much in demand. I shall talk about Tropical Flowers in subsequent posts. But prior to that there is more deeper look at these basic varieties on the seasonality and more beautiful varieties.

It will be interesting if some you could just share pictures of these basic varieties with me and I shall be glad to post them in my next write-up.

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