18 November, 2011

Teleflora Promotional Code for Thanksgiving

Some of you have expressed dissat because the teleflora links and promotional codes on my site were outdated. So, I took out a few hours and updated all links for teleflora. Promotional codes in this site should now work fine. I havent been able to do that for FTD yet. But will do that soon. And so will for sears as well.
I am also planning to run a banner on the right panel that is actually much easier to update. The banner shall feature only updated products and discounts by Teleflora, FTD and 1800flowers. I just wish they could give some links that had an auto-update feature but guess it'll take some time to happen.

So while you are at it, grab this 15% off link from Teleflora and keep coming back for more!

Save 15% and toast your Thanksgiving host with a fresh Teleflora bouquet!

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