23 October, 2013

an introduction to daylilies

it is after a long time that i got a chance to update a post on this flower blog. a few weeks ago I met the owner of a big garden who grows daylilies in australia and we had a conversation about daylilies business. this triggered me to look up for daylilies and study more about them. let me be honest, the only reason I started this blog is to earn some extra money. research proved it that there is a considerable interest of buying and selling flowers online. so being a marketer for several years now, I figured it would be interesting to test it first hand by having a blog. and i must say that i have received only a little over 12,500 pageviews in 4 years which is less than 10 pageviews per day but at the sametime I must also mention that I havent updated this blog for over 2-3 yrs until now when daylilies made me do so.

actually daylilies are great. and though I am not an expert on daylilies but i find them intriguing, they even have funny names like "pardon me daylily" or "wild horses daylily" etc. and then of course they serve as great ornaments for you garden.

For instance look at the garden below the picture of which I just picked off from google.

though I have done a few post on lilies earlier but i think it is only now that i actually realize that there are things great about these daylilies flower. as we go along, i will continue to write and share links with you for some of the great resources to buy flowers online. For example, here is one if you wish to buy daylilies in australia:

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have a wonderful day!